Touching Base with Kalson.


Georgia, US of A, August 12, 2001.

Midwayer Kalson

Received by Carolyn Camp.

Hello everyone on the 11.11 List. I’m new at TRing so please take that into consideration while reading about my experience.

I had been waking up at 4:23 almost every morning for a week. Finally, it dawned on me what it might mean, for I somehow seem to get clear communication upon awakening. There was also the realization there had been an exchange of information during the night, and this exchange was not like a dream, although the yeast of it had already escaped me.

I realized that 4:23 stood for a Midwayer’s code, since I already had reason to believe one of our Cousins would be about, and checking in on me from time to time.

In that “awakening moment of clarity”, I felt that 4:23 stood for JKL-23. And so I decided to verify this by TRing at my computer.

This is what I received:

Carolyn: “Are you there, my Midwayer Friend?”

Kalson: “I am here, Carolyn.”

Carolyn: “Is that you who has been waking me at 4:23 AM?”

Kalson: “That’s me… JKL-23.”

Carolyn: “What should I call you?”

Kalson: “Just call me Cal.”

Carolyn: “Were you instructing me during the night?”

Kalson: “Yes indeed.”

Carolyn: “Do you have a message for me, Cal?”

Kalson: “Things are gearing up…..winds.”

Carolyn: “Are you talking about storms?”

Kalson: “Storms of many kinds. Just hang on. You are in the eye of the hurricane that will swiftly move around the world.”

Our contact broke off at this point.

The next morning I awoke, seemingly in conversation with “Cal” who was telling me his name was more correctly “Kalson”. I asked him to spell it for me, so I guess Kalson it is. If any of you know about my new Buddy Kalson, please let me know through the 11.11 List.

Just thought you might enjoy this experience of a new student TR.

Love to all… Carolyn.

Barnard adds: Back in 1998 I was typing up a medical history for a Mr. H. I. Lewis. “Someone” made me type H. I. J. K. L. instead. It was a cheeky, fun experience that left me no doubt a Midwayer was looking over my shoulder, checking all my writing. I was also in need of a good belly laugh at the time.

Yes, we’ve long had a JKL-? in this Platoon, but I’ve had no further direct contact with him. If he is the same Guy, you’re going to have some work for Brother Michael, as well as fun!

He has a great sense of humor, you lucky lady!

We all love you, Sis… Sandy and George.

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