Uncertainty about Receiving/Transmitting.


Idaho, US of A, March 6, 2002.

Midwayer Mathew.

Received by George Barnard

George: "I know you're there. And I just want to speak with you.

"Much has been written, said, and even argued, about the various trance states -- the altered states of consciousness that allow receiving/transmitting or channeling -- whatever, and wherever these term may be used. For my part, and when in meditation, I first hear a discernible ringing in my left ear. Then I may note a visual presence of a Midwayer/Facilitator, or I simply perceive the name of the Celestial who chooses to talk with me. It varies a lot.

"When the transmission is over, I have the feeling that perhaps only two or three minutes have gone by, and I generally remember just a few aspects of the conversation. It is not until I replay the tape that I get the overall gist of what the message is about. But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I "re-remember" what the message was all about, and I mostly find that it is four or five times as lengthy as I thought it to be.

"And yet, between switching off the recorder after the transmission, and replaying the work, there is first of all the feeling of it being totally fraudulent, but then, after realizing what has been received, comes the recognition that the message contains in-depth logic, and or good advice, and that it is always an enlightening message of love and learning.

"Even so, there continues to be that vague feeling of "unreality", and that's what I'm throwing into your lap right now. Any takers? Mathew?"

Mathew: "George, this is Mathew. In contact with Receivers/Transmitters, or as you may call them, channelers, it could be said that there really is no difference between these two supposed methods, or descriptions, of receiving Celestial messages, other than that they are but names for the same or similar phenomena.

"It is important to always bear in mind that both, human brains, and interacting minds, are "constructed" in endless variety. That there are genetic pre-dispositions for one to be alert to the "arrival" of other-than-one's-own mind's input into consciousness. And add to that the fact that in one's maturing to an age where one is, in a broad sense, receptive to these spiritual jolts, reception also rests on a foundation of countless variations -- not just nature, but also nurture and life experiences.

"And so they are your Midwayer cousins who are mostly the experts in determining what method of contact will work best, if at all. Your Celestial Teachers are totally dependent on the skills of your close relatives, the Secondary Midwayers, who determine in what fashion these… messages, lessons, teachings, programs, can best be transferred to your minds, and be of use to the individual, or be disseminated, from there on.

"It is not at all an easy matter to find those who are receptive, and beyond that, it is not a logical assumption that these messages, these lessons, these teachings, will ever be passed onto others less equipped in their genetic/experiential make-up to become the recipients of what we convey by direction of our Superiors.

"I make it clear to you that at whatever level of mind this input is received, there are a number of prerequisites by which to measure its "realness" and values… Stay with it, George… having the ability in meditation, and in one's spiritual make-up, to draw close to the Father, and having the willingness to share the Creator's love for the many who will, grow because of, prosper by, profit from, the teachings that come their way, although be it through an intermediary.

"There really is no difference between the Receiver/Transmitter and those who learn from the "end product transcript", compared to what there is between your Midwayer Cousins who must be at hand to transfer the Celestials' teachings to the minds of the TRs. You rely on the Midwayers who, like you, are but a shackle in a lengthy chain of communications.

"And perhaps it would be fair to say that those not yet ready for direct contact with us rely on the Receiver/Transmitter to receive, as the Celestials fully rely on the Midwayers to disseminate the teachings to their human cousins.

"Like you, I can view what goes on in this universe as the outworkings of a mighty corporation that has, through cooperation, only love, empathy, and watchcare as its valued end product.

"I hope that our chat has to some degree allayed your doubts about the accuracy of Receiving/Transmitting that so many have doubts about, and, indeed, even fear. I thank you for your time at this late hour.

George: "Thank you, Mathew."

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