His Will Be Done.


Osburn, Idaho, USA, November 5, 2001.

Teacher David (reintroduced).

Received by Sandy Montee

"Hello. This is your teacher, David.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Melchizedek student. I have been in the Melchizedek schools of higher learning for a very long time, and my choices of subject were determined by my wishes to better understand you -- the Urantia mortals.

"I am now a teacher to the mortals on this planet.

"I work closely with Machiventa Melchizedek, and I would like to ask a few questions of you. I hope you will all ask these questions of yourselves and, so, we will begin with the first of many basic questions.

"Ask of yourself: 'Where am I with regard to my Spiritual Being?

"Urantia has many problems at this time, but is it up to you to try to carry these sudden, unforeseen burdens of planetary life without the help of the Father and of Michael? Would you agree that it is not up to you to take on the problems that are here on the planet? Do you consider yourself capable of discovering every answer you require?

"Would you therefore feel that worry, or sleepless nights, will do anything in the way of solving these many problems?'

"Yet the answers lie within you.

"What can you do to be a more spiritual being? Look toward your Father. Let Him handle the predicaments that are too big for you to solve.

"You ask yourselves questions like: 'What can I do? What is wrong with me? How can I live with all this stress? How do I know that I am safe? Who am I?'

"Of course you know the answers to only few, if any, of these questions?

"To all these many, many questions there is only one answer: Trust your Father and Michael, and have Faith

"This is very necessary in your lives, and at this difficult time. It is an indication of your spiritual strength if you allow yourself to hand these burdens to God…

"… and allow for His will to be done."

Notes: Many of us may feel that the events of September 11, 2001 have impacted deeply on our emotions, but that we have otherwise 'come out of it' unscathed. In this and other recent contacts with our Celestial Friends we find they hardly share that view of  'tranquillity returned'.

The Midwayers, too, are deeply troubled by recent and ongoing events. At times, they are understandably 'hard to find', preoccupied, abrupt in answering our questions, and swiftly 'on their way to elsewhere'.



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