Increased Spiritual Energy for Urantia.


Idaho, USA, November 9, 2001

Unidentified Celestial (most likely a Life Carrier).

Received by Gloria

"A massive 'hooking up' of circuits is coming on line. Day after day, the batteries (for want of a better term) are being recharged. This additional energy boost will again reach many more mortals on Urantia, although it may initially be causing stress to some individuals.

"This light transference is bringing with it a feeling of higher energy to mortals who are allowing this light to be absorbed by them. Nothing can be done without their cooperation and permission. The involvement of the Midwayers in this project is judged to be a success.

"If a human accepts, and absorbs, this healing light, the senses are sharpened, and the Celestials can bring their lessons and messages more easily now. Considering the human condition on Urantia, this process has been was well thought out. It is well 'landscaped'.

"If this healing energy is NOT accepted, the light is bounced back onto the Source from which it came. This is a waste.

"Many more individual contributors are needed, for the resource necessarily dwindles if the human shuts it off -- is not complying. This only means that backups are needed, and this is always to be expected. It has nothing to do with fault.

Notes: Gloria routinely deals with Life Carriers. Energy and healing are her areas of expertise. We welcome her as a contributor to the 11.11 List.

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