A Brief Portrait of the Urantia Midwayers


(By George Barnard and Midwayer Mathew -- November 13, 2001)

Our Genetic Predisposition for Phobias -- a Theory

To this day, the concept of a Collective Psyche remains somewhat of an enigma. Are the experiences of our distant ancestors imprinted on our minds in some vague way? Do we have basic animal instincts that vary depending on who our immediate ancestors are. Are our inborn fears of spiders, snakes, bats, and even of dragons, imprinted on the genetic make-up of us all?

But perhaps the Evolving Supreme's past experiences can, to some degree, be swiftly accessed by the subconscious minds of those who live on this planet today.

In that case, and on 606 of Satania, the Planetary Embryo of God the Supreme -- a time/space Deity in the making -- has much to pass on, and not all of it is of a sweet and fairy tale nature. Some outlook of what we seem to have inherited as part of our genetic predisposition is a fear of ghosts, evil spirits, evil angels, and other "assorted wayward elementals".

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

Of the 51,984 Midwayers -- the sum total of Urantia Midwayer allocation -- 40,992 accepted Lucifer's proposal, Caligastia's marketing of same, and they stuck with their decision, even at the time of Michael's bestowal on Urantia. 10,992 'rebelled' against the promised fast tracking of evolution.

But these 10,992, and perhaps more through good luck, rather than wise management, or foresight, became the Good Guys -- the United Urantia Midwayers. The 40,992 found themselves classed as Rebel Midwayers, Evil Spirits, or Demons.

For untold centuries the behaviors of the Rebel Midwayers went from bad to worse. Those mortals who had inherited a greater percentage of the Adamic blood witnessed much of the Rebel Midwayers' misbehavior.

This was not typical Midwayer behavior for an average evolutionary planet, and the knowledge of the conduct of the uncontrollable 40,992 was passed on through human generations on the planet -- in writing, in folklore, and, presumably, in the collective psyche of generations of the population.

Finding the Right Approach

During countless millennia, the small band of 9881 Primary Midwayers, and 1,111 Secondary Midwayers worked tirelessly to lure, coerce and cajole their human cousins towards greater spirituality. Against great odds, this relatively small band of Planetary Helpers guarded against the extinction of civilization on Urantia, sometimes making gains, sometimes losing ground, but generally making an overall and steady progress. More than their human cousins, more than any Celestial, the Midwayers were responsible for promoting spiritual progress in the time/space realm they share with us.

Yet, at a time when their planet was deemed to be ready for further spiritual growth through revelation, they were not the Midwayers -- physiologically, and psychologically, closest to their human cousins -- who were requested to make that obviously necessary contact with many humans, and for revelations to become better known.

Except for the transmission of the all-important revelationary Urantia Papers, and in a few isolated cases far and wide, they were not the Midwayers, but other Celestial Teachers, who made the first individual contacts with the now ever-growing band of transmitter/receivers of the Teaching Mission, Lightworkers, Ecologists, Politicians and Scientists.

The right approach had to be found for contact between humans and the Celestial Forces. Midwayers weren't it, at least, not on Urantia. They remained in the background, their identities unknown, though essential Helpers in the process of translating the words of the Celestial Teachers.

The long-time misbehavior of their wayward Brothers and Sisters was too deeply ingrained into the human subconscious, and the Good Guys would likely be shunned, and held accountable for the misdeeds of their errant relatives. They remained largely anonymous.

On normal worlds, and where few, if any, Midwayers ever stray, they are the first contact individuals of choice. On Urantia, one of the first contacts was Abraham, a former mortal from this planet, and his first contact was in New Zealand with a small group of worshippers. Even before then, there was the Celestial, Seth, and his channeler, Jane Roberts.

Busy Throughout the Ages

Though Dante Alighieri never knew about 'where she fitted into the cosmology', his Guide of fame was Beatrice (ABC-3), a Midwayer of extraordinary beauty, and surely one of Michael's prime examples of unconditional love for all of mankind. Joan of Arc worked with Midwayers -- a whole "platoon" of them.

Many others did. Churchill was given vital information during his many catnaps in the 1940s. Nostradamus, too, though the Seer took the Midwayers to be Gods. Also, the Great Baptist was helped along by them. Throughout the ages, men, women, and Midwayers, teamed up to achieve what was deemed to be necessary.

Whilst in the United States many Teaching Mission participants were learning from their Celestial Teachers from the early nineties onwards, and studying the Urantia Papers, a Progress Platoon of Midwayers had long been busy in Australia. They worked with a lone human contact, George Barnard, in psychological practices, business, creative art, and writing.


Among these Secondary Midwayers was the one, more time-distant Primary Midwayer -- Andrea. She was harder to perceive, and her being of an androgynous nature, caused her mortal subject to have some doubts (and one might suggest some unrealized fears) about the reality of her being. She was always there with the others, but seemed to have no specific function in the total make-up of this 11.11 Progress Platoon. Andrea was in fact the group's communicator, and her high-speed mind-to-mind communications were with the Seraphim above.

Primary Midwayer, Andrea, was much more difficult to discern than were the Secondary Midwayers. She appeared to be ghost-like, grayish, whilst the associated Seraphim were obvious creatures of light, and deserving of their human charge's total trust. The mortal partner in the Platoon figured Andrea had long ago died, and just a mere shadow of her former self now remained. She might have died a horrible death for her to be so restless still, Barnard thought. Her presence bothered him.

What Earthly Use Were You?

Barnard needed to find out what this 'ghostly' member of his Progress Platoon was all about. He asked her bluntly, "You hardly ever get involved in what the rest of us are doing, Andrea. Surely, you hardly ever move. I suggest you get with it and help out, or shove off altogether. Tell me, of what earthly use were you when you were still alive on this planet?"

That was ever so rude an inquiry. No end of apology would suffice.

Andrea never flinched at those despicable remarks, but there was anger in the eyes of the Secondary Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22). There was a lengthy silence, and, it appeared, decisions were being made about what to do with their discourteous underling. Finally, Andrea responded.

She said, "I go to the East in ships, with the others. I am a servant at the court of the one you now know as Kontiki Viracocha. I am also long active in Greece." She added, "I am a virgin of the Gods."

Not Making Much Sense

She was really saying, "I'm very much alive, still, and I was part of the Andite invasion of South America so long ago. Viracocha was one of the leaders who later became one of the so-called Gods of the South American civilizations, though he had a different name at that time. After that, I still did a lot of work with the Oracles in Greece. As well, I was created to be an androgynous being. The God's so destined me to be."

Little of what she told her human charge made sense at that time, but the legend of Viracocha was known to him, and he also later realized that her insistence of being very old and very much alive was genuine.

At the time he answered, "How confused you are, Andrea. Never you mind. I guess you died a horrible, sudden death for you to be still searching for your real identity to this day." In 1997, when Barnard finally stumbled upon his treasured Urantia Papers, thousands of unexplained experiences of Midwayer contact finally fell into place… finally made total sense.

Very Much Alive

In May of 2001 Sandy Montee flew to Australia. It was a long and tiring flight. But for one empty seat, the airplane was booked full. On arrival in Australia, Sandy asked, "Do you know of any Celestial called Andrea, George? There was just one empty seat on my flight. It was right next to me, and she sat right there, and she talked with me all the way."

Independent by nature, Andrea has always taken care of much of her direct communications with her human associates. She is delighted about the updated circuitry, giving her the chance to freely express herself, and without having to engage the services of a Secondary Midwayer Translator.

She has a much more active life today, and she thrives on it. Assisting the Greek oracles was the previous, major task for her. Imagine the frustration of centuries of inaction. She is the much-loved sweetheart of this Platoon.

And, no, she doesn't purchase flight tickets like we do.

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