The Association -- Human and Celestial.


And the Limitations to Inter-species Cooperation.

(By George Barnard and Midwayer Mathew -- November 23, 2001)

An association between 'Sapiens' and Celestial Entities is hardly a new trend. It has been going on for ages untold. Just recently, within the last ten years approximately, and with mankind acquiring the capacity to utterly obliterate self from the planet, this coalition has become more important than ever it was. There is now some urgency about a more far-reaching collaboration, but many limitations remain.

Set out below is part of the history of one such alliance, the 11.11 Progress Platoon. This submission also deals with the limitations of that cooperation, and it is in answer to a question posed by one of the valued subscribers to the 11.11 List:

"Why can't those Midwayers find the leaders of the terrorists. Eliminate them, and save the entire world from danger and anguish?"

An Inter-species Alliance, Always Winning

During decades of association with a Primary Midwayer, and a number of Secondary Midwayers, there existed a powerful Inter-species Alliance between a lone human and his many elusive, often invisible, Friends. They constituted a practical work group -- the 11.11 Progress Platoon -- and by agreement they performed certain tasks together.

Some of their combined undertakings were rather dangerous, at least for the human partner in the group. Few of their plans went astray. All of their projects succeeded, and just a small number of  'near failures' were experienced over the years. Their activities centered on saving lives and livelihoods in psychological practices and in industry and trade respectively.

In the case of a desperate potential suicide victim, counseled and finding a way out of his/her dilemma with the help of a therapist and Midwayer Assistant, there is no loser. Again, where an almost bankrupt company is rescued, there are only winners. Midwayers aim to 'All Ways Win' -- always, in all ways, and for everyone concerned. These Helpers of Mankind are subject to a most complex and detailed code of ethics, which does not allow for anyone to be disadvantaged.

To the mortal in this band of 'multi-talented freelance entrepreneurs' existing in three separate facets of time, the 35,000 year-old Midwayer Chief, ABC-22 (nicknamed Bzutu), was the leader. The most time-distant Andrea was their Communications Expert, and she seemingly obtained valuable information from the even more time distant Seraphim. Chief Bzutu, however, called all the shots. So thought their mortal partner.

There Were Other Celestials

From time to time, other Celestials would turn up, but they were never considered to be part of the closely knit, decades old 11.11 Inter-species Alliance. There were the ever present Seraphim, perceived to be present, but rarely seen. Their function remained somewhat of a mystery. On one occasion, a Morontia Companion turned up at a crucial time. He completed his difficult task, but never returned.

There were occasional meetings with greatly learned Cherubim, and a onetime rendezvous with an Avatar, or Melchizedek. But the mortal would not accept these spiritually advanced Celestials as belonging to his 'cozy group of practical Work Mates'. Seemingly, these other Celestials were unorganized 'gatecrashers and interlopers', trying to propel their way into an existing work arrangement.

To the human member of the troupe there was 'nothing to be fixed if it ain't broke', and those assorted Entities should simply go away, find another more pious human friend if they so desired, and leave the 'well-oiled' 11.11 Platoon to their businesslike tasks.

More 'Extra Terrestrials'.

Relatively recently, the mortal stumbled upon the channeled Urantia Papers -- the Fifth Epochal Revelation -- published during the middle of the twentieth century. This allowed him to acquire a much deeper understanding of the incredible hierarchy of Celestial Entities that supervises the 'business at hand' in the universes of time and space.

Largely with the assistance of American TRs, who are generally more audibly, rather than visually, oriented, he communicated with the Melchizedeks -- the Universal Teachers at almost all levels of creature progress. He also met up with the Life Carriers, specialists in the task of transcending many facets of time, and capable of transposing life from one planet to another, or even of 'manufacturing' primitive life forms, that will eventually have evolutionary humans as the 'end product'.

"…in fact, you are an Evolutionary Being."

Here was an opportunity to get confirmation of a number of scientific theories he had developed over the years of association with his Midwayer Friends. In particular, the Life Carrier, Orion, did not disappoint him. Three of the mortal's theories were confirmed as accurate, although a fourth was 'so far out' as to be considered almost useless.

The therapist posed a further question about the cause of, and ideal treatment for, schizophrenia, a still baffling mental disorder that had long interested him. The Life Carrier's response: "You are asking me for revelation, when, in fact, you are an evolutionary being!" They were words to that effect. It was clear that there were limitations to the kind of information Orion could release to his newfound human friend. And these limitations are many, and possibly also a source of great frustration to the Celestials.

Human civilization must progress, slowly. Wholesale revelation to any human group, or individual (in the case of sudden spiritual enlightenment) can be detrimental. Vincent van Gogh was a prime example of an individual 'losing the story line", though slowly, after his spiritual enlightenment event.

We humans are here to figure things out for ourselves, not unlike an infant learns to walk. Although a caring parent may choose to pick up the toddler from the floor if it falls. 'If the child evolves from being four-legged to being two-legged', and merely by its own efforts, therein lies the greatest achievement.

We adults are also meant to accumulate the greatest amount of 'universe credits' in our lives that start at the very bottom rung of creation, we must do it alone -- alone, or in a group of like creatures. We must also be given free will to do all, or anything, we can think of doing.

A Precious Commodity

Recently, in a group discussion prior to a transmission/reception session, a member of our group suggested the Midwayers enter the hiding places of the Taliban and Al Qaeda Terrorists to shut down their live-giving generators. Although the question was not posed to our Celestial Teachers, the answer was nevertheless forthcoming from (a seemingly somewhat frustrated) Teacher David:

" We are doing all we can, but it is impossible for us to stop men on a rampage, who think that killing their brothers and sisters is either sanctioned, or appreciated, by 'their God'." He adds, " We will ask of you to communicate more often with Andrea, and follow her instructions." Later in the transmission David stated, "Communication with me will be instantaneous when you call." Also, "…and rest assured that we will be there at any time you call us."

Human free will prerogatives are a precious commodity. There is hardly anything the Celestials can do to stop us from either loving, or killing, each other. They can advise us, but only if we ask for it. But the Primary Midwayer, Andrea, can make some crystal clear suggestions one might take as instructions. She is, after all, a distant cousin to the human races -- much like us -- and was long ago given the right to make such suggestions.

Finally, Machiventa Melchizedek suggests, "I am pleased you have taken time out from your busy lives to have this session today, as we cannot be with you, if you do not ask for us." The Planetary Prince once more suggests we frequently communicate. The Celestials are eager to help… where they can.

It's Up To Us

We can only progress by our own free will. Our free will is always involved, each and every time we wish to take up communication with our Celestial Teachers, and each time we might choose to ignore their advice. They cannot force us to do anything, or stop us from doing anything, whenever their actions might go against our non-negotiable free will prerogatives, or if anyone human could likely be disadvantaged.

Highly 'seasoned', the Celestials have learned to love all Sons of God, and not even the 'Husseins' and 'bin Ladens' are excluded. They will not 'buy into' any situation where one, or more, of the parties are likely to be disadvantaged because of celestial involvement. That is the rule. Midwayers and their Superiors aim to 'All Ways Win'.

What we, 'Sapiens', do with our lives, collectively, is up to us entirely.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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