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And the Limitations to Inter-species Cooper

(By George Barnard and Midwayer Mathew -- November 29, 2001)

At this stage, some 200 people, perhaps more, are direct or indirect subscribers to the 11.11 List. Most of the inquiries to this office are dealt with on a personal basis, especially if they deal with illness or emotional issues -- aspects inappropriate for an open list. Also, many of our subscribers are outside the US of A, or have never read the Urantia Papers. For some, English is not their first language.

Often there are simply no definitive answers to their specific questions. Sometimes there is only a glimpse of insight, but on other occasions the Platoon's Midwayers are allowed to 'input' some of their vast knowledge.

We much value Mathew's and Claire's cooperation, and from time to time there is an opportunity to answer questions more broadly, and to clarify to a wider readership certain actual experiences or hypotheses about the function of our Midway Helpers or Celestial Teachers.

From one of our subscribers came the following recent inquiry:

"Why can't those Midwayers find the leaders of the terrorists. Eliminate them, and save the entire world from danger and anguish?"

A follow-up post from him reads:

"…and thank you for sharing, Sandy, George and Matthew. Unfamiliar with the Fifth Epochal Revelation until a few weeks ago, my wife and I have little idea of their (the Midwayers') function in 'normal' circumstances on 'normal' planets. The Urantia book doesn't really tell us all that much…"

It sure doesn't. Compared to what is known about the human races, there is precious little common knowledge about our Midwayers. And, until recently, we humans hardly knew whom we were dealing with. For ages and ages the Midwayers represented "the Voice of God", or "the Admonitions of a Saint" to their human charges. In reality, Midwayers are the ever-present and irreplaceable go-betweens and translators in any and all contact with Celestial Teachers.

It was in the Australian summer of 1971/1972 -- late in that summer, and after many weeks of almost daily communication with the 1,111 -- when finally I began to grasp that the 11.11 Platoon was not just a group of confused, but friendly ghosts.

Time and again, the Midwayer Chief, ABC-22, had tried in vain to assure me that he was very much alive. Not until he used an awesome weapon, a shiny, metallic lance, to blow up a traffic light, did I realize he could effect changes in our dimensions -- in our facet of time.

The weapon ABC-22 (Bzutu) carries, is a sleek, metallic staff with slender, pointed head. It resembles a brushed stainless steel lance, and it fires a laser-like charge. He showed me how he fired it from the waist, and, instantly, it shattered the slow-to-change traffic light I had thoroughly disliked for some years.

His action was a wake-up call, telling me that he and my other "ghostly" friends were hardly shadows of their former human selves, but very-much-alive creatures. And in the ensuing weeks we began to work together on more positively oriented practical projects.

On occasions these undertakings (mostly healings) included soul travel, and it became clear that they were the Midwayers who "lifted my soul out of my body", and "returned same" when the 11.11 Platoon's group task was completed.

On finding the Urantia Papers, and reading about the Midwayers' involvement in the early stages of Light and Life, it became obvious their work included the routine separation of the human soul from the physical body. This would be followed by the obliteration of the aged physical shells of those who have achieved optimum spiritual progress, and this obliteration would be achieved with the use of "weapons" of the kind ABC-22 still carries.

The simple morontia metal, lance-like rod is capable of reducing any thing, animal, or person, to the very smallest universal building blocks, the ultimatons, or quarks -- a process one might call euthanasia of a kind. There would need to be celestial recognition of the "zapped" individual having reached that ultimate level of spiritual advancement attainable on the planet -- a cause for great celebration, not grief.

There are countless other tasks the Midwayers can, and do, perform. Changing traffic lights to humor their always-in-a-hurry human friends, however, was never one of their principal occupations.

Thoroughly tired of playing his understudy's dumb games for weeks on end, the red-skinned Midwayer Chief, ABC-22 finally lost his cool. He blew that hated, slow-to-change traffic light to smithereens, establishing once and for all he was hardly a ghost.

They were renamed "The Spirit Guides" and didn't mind being called Guides, since their advice was always good, and much appreciated. But might they turn out to be a liability in the end? Their human partner remained ultra cautious for a time.

They turned out to be valuable Advisors and Co-workers. They got their mortal partner out of more than a few scrapes, and were renamed "The Spirit Guardians". They were obviously guarding him. The Inter-species friendship would surely last for life… and possibly beyond this life.

Much of their work dealt with death of the human physical shell. On one occasion, they took the soul of a dying little girl many hours before the child's physical mechanism finally gave out. In another instant they encouraged a very old person to "let go and die", for her powerful will was refusing for agonizing days on end to accept death.

There was an occasion when their energy was exerted to release what appeared to be an "experiential aspect" of the Evolving Supreme -- a Deity of time/space existence.

A mortal's demise is not always a smooth passage from one existence to the next. The Midwayers are here to facilitate such optimum transitions for the complex human creature.

At this time, many of our Midwayers are hard at work in the killing fields of Afghanistan. It's just another job for the never tiring 51.984 of the united Primary and Secondary Midwayer orders.

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