"True Generosity" and "Why Worry?"


Idaho, US of A,November, 24, 2001

Teachers David and Gracie.

Received by Sandy Montee

David: "This is David."

George: "Welcome home, David."

David: "Greetings to you. I see that you two are making some progress with your many tasks to be completed. I'm glad to be invited here, and I'm looking forward to visiting you more often when the true beauty of wintertime in Idaho has arrived. You are very fortunate to live on this particular planet, for there is great beauty to be found in so many places on Urantia.

"The early snows herald the time when many cultures in the world will again celebrate Michael's birth, and simply call it Christmas. I would like to see more of the gifts you give to your fellows be representative of the kind of love that comes from the heart, and, even more important, I would like for you to always remain in that mode of giving of yourself. It is often much more important to be practical and appropriate, rather than to give impractical and expensive gifts.

"Many people on Urantia do that just right, as they are concerned about their fellows not having a Christmas dinner, or not receiving a single gift.

"In the mission halls where the homeless will gather to stay warm, I can imagine seeing the joy on their faces when they are presented with a nice, heavy shirt, a padded jacket, and a warm meal. That… is true generosity.

"Some of your unsettled (roaming) brothers and sisters live from day to day, and they have no use for anything they need to carry with them. The joy of giving to others is also the joy of satisfying a need in you, whenever you become aware of others who are so much less fortunate than you are.

"Gracie is here, too, and she wishes to talk with you."

George: "Greetings to you Gracie."

Gracie: "Greetings to you, George and Sandy.

"Of late, you have been very aware of the love you give, and how it will always come back to you when you take the time to brighten another person's day. I think it may be proper at this time for you to begin to worry less. Worry is a state of mind that takes away your happiness, as well as your being at peace and tranquil within yourself.

"Whatever worry you may have about some undefined problems, these difficulties are unlikely to occur almost all the time. To turn these worries into happiness, one may pray to Michael that you become more aware of His place in your life, and His willingness to take the burden from you and put it in the appropriate bin as it is oftentimes nothing but mere waste.

"Let us all become more aware of when worries creep into our minds, and let us turn these into passing thoughts. A year from now we will not remember what these 'calamities in the making' were all about, and we will have totally forgotten them. So, why worry?

"Take life a day at the time, and become a little more carefree. We must all rise above the drudgery and routine of daily living, and realize the pleasures of being alive. Love your God and take all your troubles to Michael and in that fashion you will be 'filing your concerns in the proper drawer'.

"That hard struggle for survival will never become weightless on your shoulders, unless you do involve God and Michael in your life. As you go about your day, try to keep these concepts in mind, and sidestep those obstacles called, 'worries'.

"A note here, just for you two. Midwayer Matthew has learned a great deal from you two about both, the function, and the anatomy, of the human mind. Claire is also still with you, and I ask that you be patient with her, as she remains rather quiet and shy.

"There is a lesson in this. That lesson being; for you to listen and learn from your surroundings, for if you tell another everything you know, they will become as smart as you are, and we can't have that, can we now?

George (laughing): "Now she tells me! So much for a lifetime of sharing…"

Gracie: "Yes, George, I was pulling your leg. May God hold you both in the palm of His hand. David and I will talk with you again soon. We send our love."

George: "Good one! Au revoir vous deux."

Gracie: "Goodbye."

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