The Father’s Love.


Idaho, US of A, December 8, 2001

Teacher Gracie

Received by Sandy Montee

Gracie: “Hello to you both, Sandy and George. This is Gracie.”

George: “Hello, Gracie. Between the telephone ringing off the hook, and our chronic disorganization… What can I say? Here we are at last. Sorry to keep you waiting, Teach.”

Gracie: “I am so very pleased to be here with you, and I’m "dancing into your hearts, your minds, and your souls". I’m celebrating our meeting, and I want to talk with you today about the Father’s love.

“Let us imagine, and visualize together, that I have brought with me all of God’s love, and we will open our hearts to it. This love is coming to you in a great big cloud – a white, warm, fluffy cloud – and we are going to pull it into our very being.

“Take in more and more of God’s love and fill yourselves with it. Know that the Father as a devoted Parent gives you all his affection every day. He would like for us to be filled with his grace to the point where it expands our minds, saturates our souls, and delights our Spirits.

"We are all still smiling here, because we just heard you try so hard to persuade someone, George, that all bears must hibernate because they obviously dislike shoveling snow. You almost convinced her… perhaps.

"The love and humor within you both, and how you extend that love and humor to your friends, is irrepayable. Worry not about how much you can give to others in a material sense; just share the love the Father freely gives to you.

"Father's love goes on and on, until it fills all the space of the Evolutionary Universes, all the space of the Mansion Worlds, and all of Paradise. His devotion and concern is never ending. He delights when He sees his children happy and joyful.

"As you reach out to others in love, and as you, yourself, are the recipients of this incomparable gift from others, you still cannot deplete the love that God sends you, as it is interminable. With this love comes respect for those who try hard to improve the lot of their siblings, compassion with every failure to achieve. But God delights when he sees a smile on your face no matter how difficult the times.

"God is so great, so all-present, and yet He is so minute within you, yet so all-aware in His care of you -- His children. Each small occurrence is important to the Father. He sees the baby take his first step. He sees the delight when the toddler finds a wildflower, and she touches and examines the little buttercup.

"Each and every thing is created in perfection by our Father. Each of you has the ability to work toward His perfection in your self-creation. In mortal life on Urantia, and in this lifetime, in this age, you have the opportunity to present a great gift to your God, Who desires your being all you can conceivably be.

"You are His children and He wishes for you to learn the valuable lessons while still here on Urantia, so that you will realize that love cures all illness, all disappointment, all frustration, all doubt, all anger, and all evil.

"I will stop for now, for I have a pressing engagement. However, another message will come to you later in the afternoon.

"I extend our celebration of love and caring to you. And I will say, goodbye for now."

George: "Goodbye, Gracie. We'll be more aware, not hibernating."

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