Our Task In This Present Conflagration.


Idaho, US of A, December 12, 2001

Primary Midwayer, Andrea

Received by Sandy Montee

Andrea: "Hello, this is your friend, Andrea."

George: "Greetings to you, Andrea."

Andrea: "I am delighted to be able to visit you this evening. I can see where you live, and it is indeed a beautiful part of the world. It is peaceful and tranquil where you are, and to compare it with other parts of the world, does not in any way do it justice. Well, it is indeed a wonderland, I say.

"I am still very troubled at this time, because of the atrocities that are occurring, and the evil doings between brothers in Afghanistan. We all have to learn that evil worsens as we give it more powerful energy. To try to stay on an even keel is hard indeed in these difficult times, even for us Midwayers.

"I will tell you that some of us Primary Midwayers will begin to work directly with Michael and Machiventa as our Leaders. Christ Michael is ever so aware of the many times one evil man has claimed many victims while on the rampage for power. We must all trust Michael and His leadership over us in these matters. And it is of great comfort to know that, in the end, worthwhile changes will come about "within the boundaries of" many cultures and religions.

"We need to embark upon an investigation into the extent of free will choices these evil minds possess. It is our prime task in this present conflagration. Twenty of us Primary Midwayers will be behind the scenes with our younger Cousins, and you will come to realize their works and efforts by watching seeming miracles happen.

"These young Afghan people of Urantia have been so undereducated about the value of knowing right from wrong. For too long they have had no one else to look up to but the evil men around them. And now these young children of Michael easily decide to waste their lives in senseless battles. It will require a mind shift of some proportions for them to accept there is a need for willingness on their parts to not confront positive change.

"We can take orders and work hard to "carry them out of their misery" in these oppressed lands. The women and teachers need a chance to give a soft touch to their sons and daughters and students in their homes and schools. The children will respond with love only when they are being shown love.

"I do not have a big lecture-type message for you today. I want you both, and your friends, to know that we are right in there, and we are doing all we can.

"I have read, and I appreciate, the writing you have already completed about the Midwayers. Much progress has come about already as your fellows get a grasp on how we work. It is a matter of exposure of our function that will overcome doubts and will awaken a degree of understanding among mortals.

"To some it will seem that our numbers are seemingly increasing, however, they are actually the circuits that have been opened so we can improve both, our understanding of, and communication with, others such as you. We must be patient, as we have been rather difficult to understand in our communication, and explanation of how we function, even in how we think.

"It is a rather interesting circumstance, and providential, that you have been able to witness our coming to the fore in your short human lifetime.

"I bring a message from both Bzutu and Machiventa. They are still holding your hands as you cross the street, so to speak. But the details in planning of many different tasks now set before them are allowing little time for them to be in touch with you. They both send their love, and encouragement, and also remind you that you can still call on them whenever you deem this to be necessary. This is all. I must go."

George: "Thank you Andrea. May I pose one quick question?"

Andrea: "Yes, certainly."

George: "I have problem with the heading under which I am allowed to post our transmissions and submissions on one particular list: "Purported Celestials". By doing so, I'm basically saying that we aren't really talking to you Guys. I'm saying that my Buddies of some forty years or more are simply a figment of my imagination. Sandy and I weren't put on Urantia real estate to insult those who work full time for Michael. What's your take on this situation?"

Andrea: "I see a slight problem regarding our constant pull for positive input. You may plant a seed, and then stand back until others' curiosities begin a dialog. I am not prepared to promote potentials that may further isolate your beloved Midwayers."

George (laughing): "Thank you Andrea. I'll try to be nice. Not easy for me."

Andrea: "Thank you, Sandy, for transmitting this for me. I realize that this was pulling much of your energy today. You needed to reach far to get the words of my message."

George: "Thank you Andrea. Goodbye. And thank you for visiting our home."

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