Retaining A Sense of Normalcy.


Idaho, US of A, December 14, 2001

Christ Michael

Received by Sandy Montee

Michael:  "I am with you now, as I am with you at all times. Daughter, this is Michael."

"We who are in the Spirit World are looking down at Urantia and our hearts are greatly saddened. Many groups and nations are causing unrest and uprisings, and more and more different countries and cultures are advancing toward terrorism, anger, and fighting among themselves, and all this for the sole purpose of gaining power and control over others. This is a growing series of evil doings.

"Yet, many among the people of these nations are trying to persevere in the best way they know how. Countless of their citizens are afraid to leave their homes. These trends are ever more evident in the lands of Israel and Palestine.

"I have long questioned the innate creative ability and absolute willingness of both man and woman to manufacture weapons of all kinds to make use of in the fight with one another. Even so, many of these destitute people are already caught up in a fight for survival and for them it has now become to kill or be killed.

"Each of you alone must determine within yourself how you react to, and behave towards, other people on Urantia. This fight, this battle for supremacy is an instigated one. This now is a time to be protective of, and show your love towards, your circle of family and friends. This is a time to "hold it together" in the love of the Father.

"Try to retain a sense of normalcy, and aim to achieve that sense of peace within yourselves. Show and teach your brothers and sisters. Talk with God in your quest for freedom for all mankind on Urantia.

"Mother Spirit and I bless you, and hope you will receive the love and caregiving we send you. We hold you all in our arms, our minds, our hearts.

"The Father's will be done."

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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