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Idaho, US of A, January 6, 2002

Midwayer Kal

Received by George Barnard

George (reporting):"I've been in meditation for some fifteen minutes. And now, suddenly, there is a blue-green pinpoint of light in front of me. Strange…"

Kal:"That is your Pilot Light. And with IT you can light a fire and fan the flames.

"It is I, who together with many others surround you at this time. You are perceiving some of our kind, but you would be astounded if you could conceive of how many others are present. And again, in addition, I point out to you that it is utterly beyond your ability to comprehend -- to even imagine -- how many eyes and ears are watching and listening to this communication, instanter, and from distances undreamt of by you.

"I am Midwayer, Kal, and I'm a… dear friend of a dear friend of yours."

George (laughing): "You're having fun, Kalson. A pleasure to meet you, Brother."

Kal:  "I am having fun, but I have also taken this opportunity to get linked up with the One who dares to carry the greatest amount of responsibility for spiritual progress on this planet (Kal appears to be talking of Machiventa Melchizedek).

"In your stillness this afternoon, something finally "clicked" with you. Earlier this afternoon you referred to an event in 1993 when, because of an advance warning you were given, you were saved from severe injury. You reminded yourself, and others, that immediately after that event, you decided to repay those who had assisted you by making it your freewill choice to "dump" all freewill prerogatives.

"But one of the aspects you discussed earlier this afternoon -- that of not having any secrets whatever from any of those who are here to assist you -- was not a part of that commitment at that eventful time. That is your commitment at this time?"

George:  "Sure. That is my unreserved commitment. And I have, for some time already, been looking at what appears to be a thick, leather-bound book that has been handled and read by many. It will now be read and handled by many more?"

Kal:  "Yes, that curriculum vitae can now be opened and read by all; those who choose to work with you; those who are chosen by you for you to work with them; and those who are ready to assist you and teach you. This will now make a major change to the configuration of Celestial Individuals that will be able to have contact with you.

"So far, access to the details of you as a potential spiritual being have been limited to but a few. Those in whom you have long had unconditional trust were always but a few. Now your present, past and future, can be read by many, and I thank you for freely allowing this to happen."

George:  "OK. Fine."

Kal:  "That is all. I am Kal."

Notes: It appears there is a limitation to the number of Celestials who are allowed to reach for the Akashic Records of anyone still residing on this planet. These records are in the safekeeping of your Destiny Guardians. As much as one needs to ask for a Celestial Teacher to be able to have one appointed, one needs to also agree to allow these personal-life details to be released by the Seraphim.

Obviously, closer knowledge of the mortal students will make Celestial Teachers better able to relate to their students.

If anyone is interested in learning about the extraordinary event of 1993, I'll "dig it up" and forward it as an attachment. Just email George Barnard and ask for the document, "Squish! 'You're dead!'" It will likely be yours by return mail.

God bless you and yours… George.

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