Small Beacons of Light.


US of A, February 17, 2002

Melchizedek John

Contributing Receiver

John:  "It is John here, dear Student.  I am a Melchizedek."

TR:  "I greet you, Teacher John"

John:  "There is great hope for Urantia, and things are now progressing very rapidly, although much of this is still going on behind the scenes.

"We are with you today and we celebrate every small step that is taken, by each of you, toward the spiritual beacon that is shining to light your way.  That beacon is Michaelís spiritual light of love for this world.  And together with you, we are all drawn into that light and share its love for you.

"How hard you lovers of that light work to spread its warmth into the world and how much we appreciate your efforts.  You are all small beacons within yourselves.

"Know that from our realm we are all cheering you on, and know that we support you in every possible way.  I send my love to you, my Dearest."

TR:  "Thank you John.  And I return your love with great enthusiasm."

Note:  This TR, contributing to the 11:11 Progress List, has transmitted "Teacher John" on previous occasions.  Not until today was it learned that the TR's Celestial Friend is a Melchizedek.

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