We Are All Mere Instruments.


Washington State, February 27, 2002.

Unidentified Teacher.

Received by Sandy Montee

Teacher: "After this short battle with your uncooperative tape recorder, we will start again.  I would like to speak with you today without my being introduced to you, because this will help you as far as you're expecting a certain personality to come through.

"I would like to inform you that there are very many such as myself traveling with you in these days, and on this journey.  We are an entire expedition in an event that is going to be so much fun, so much learning for all, and such a beautiful trip.

"We are indeed many and we all bless you for the work you perform in the name of the Father.

"Sandy, Teacher Gracie will be your personal companion as she has been from the very beginning of this trip, and, George, your friend and brother, Bzutu, will be your personal companion as you meet up with this wonderful little group of Michael's devotees. I might suggest that you both would listen with your heart and perceive by the lights that surround you.

"There are quite a few of your siblings that will be attending and we have knowledge of what each of them needs and desires.  You will pick this up by intuition and have this confirmed by your personal companions -- that which are problems or troubling each in their spiritual uplift or may deal with either doubt or fear to step out of the corrals that are perceived to be holding you all in.

"Let it be a time of amends, as each one of you will open up with your joys and your doubts and we ask that you be aware of each other's needs and with our help bring each other into that circle of higher learning. It will be a time of developing new methods, and we can do some work on the "evolvement" of even greater accomplishments -- push the boundaries in both work and play in trying to let Michael's words come through, as you let others talk about themselves and you, too, will learn so much about your siblings.

"It is not your place to become the guides for the Teachers, instead, for you to be an instrument through which Michael touches each of these persons. Mere instruments is what we all are.

"Sandy, I realize that you are greatly fatigued and struggling now, and I will break short this conversation. But we will all be with you, so let us have a lot of fun, and "let it roll".

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