The Three Prongs.


Oregon, US of A, February 28, 2002.

Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard

Bzutu: "I greet you, my brother.  I have waited patiently for you to produce the calming of the mind that is required. I have waited patiently to take this opportunity to somewhat enlarge on what our dear brother, "I'll be Frank", conveyed to you just two days ago.

"It is true that the mere fact of your being human will not allow you to do everything quite right, nor will it allow you to do everything altogether wrong, and I will give to you the example that on normal worlds it is the pattern that humans make first contact with the Secondary Midwayers -- although perhaps with some of the Primary order -- and so on, upwards in the hierarchy of Celestial Beings.

"However, on those globes there tends to be much less of the long term grunt-type involvement, on Midwayer parts, and as is necessarily the case with Urantia's human ranks who assist our united orders.

"But to claim that therefore spirituality comes to one by default, and through tireless efforts alone, is only partly correct.  It is still your duty… It should still be your preference in these circumstances of the Correcting Time to make contact with your Father Fragment, besides taking in the lessons from your Midwayer and Celestial Friends.

"On the other hand, to have contact with Celestial Teachers and to promote within oneself that contact with the Father Fragment yet bypassing the Midwayer Messengers and Facilitators is to also ignore an essential division in the hierarchy and chain of command that operates in the more practical realms.

"In time, many more of your siblings will hear the words of Celestial Teachers through a more widely recognized and a more visual conduit of Secondary and even Primary Midwayers, but there will also be an increasing number of humans who will seek a direct and a more businesslike contact with only those of our united orders and the extra-planetary assistants of our kinds -- laughing now -- ye olden Spirit Guardians and Spirit Guides.

George: "How you fooled me all those years."

Bzutu: "How we loved and protected you all those years."

"There will come a time when this planet will resemble a more regular world, and it will come about through Midwayer assistance, intervention, cooperation, liaison in areas like science, physical and emotional health, education, social well-being and the observance of ecologically responsible living.

"It will be a time when the advice of Celestial Parents and Teachers, also better contact with the Father Fragment, as well as projects undertaken by inter-species alliances such as we now enjoy, and have enjoyed, will become a three-pronged "attack" on ignorance, on a lack of spirituality, and on basic selfishness, and it will organize itself from the present base that is the loosely allied fraternity you encounter today.

"I suggest that with this input your discussion with "I'll be Frank" will become clearer to you than it may have been since the day you spoke to our Cherub.  It was twice on that day I contacted you in vain, and I suggest you acquire more confidence in your perceiving my presence, both visually and audibly, and when I signal you.

"I am Midwayer Chief ABC-22. I am your brother, Bzutu."

George:  "We listen, meditate, and then put our roller skates on, you're saying."

Bzutu:"It's three-pronged, indeed. I wish you a pleasurable journey and say goodnight to you both. Adieu."

Notes:  We are "borrowing" great numbers of much needed Secondary Midwayers from other planets.

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