It's a Welcome Change.


Idaho, US of A, March 11, 2002.

Teacher Samuel, Midwayer Mathew.

Received by George Barnard

George: "I spy this famous midwayer youngster sitting in my chair, directing his "lowly mortal slave" on the floor from his comfortable perch. Hi there, Bro Mathew!"

Samuel: "On your world I go by the name, Samuel, and, for the purpose of our communications, that is now my given name. I am a former human, but I am not from your planet.

"Although you did not request my assignment as your Teacher, I was long ago appointed in this capacity of working in association with you, because of my life-long profession -- well in excess of two hundred years -- in agriculture and horticulture. I was a simple family man, with a simple task in life, but in a life and occupation, both, I greatly enjoyed. I helped to create and make things grow.

"On my world there was no such thing as individuals looking down on "those who would appear to be of the lower ranks". There was more, much more, a sense of equality among brothers and sisters of all chosen vocations."

George: "You are talking about Light and Life, Samuel?"

Samuel: "Indeed, that I am. My task here is that of being a settling influence upon you. I was appointed to be your teacher many years ago and I must add that this appointment, although never requested by you, was deemed by Others to be just, appropriate, and likely to become profitable. And long before you were made aware of the fact that I was there with you, I was assisting you whenever and wherever I could.

"For me it became important to be involved in the life of an individual who experiences, and has experienced, great ups and downs, excitement, and the setting about daring projects, that there was never a need, or chance, for me to experience. This is for me a welcome change."

"On this occasion… this first ever occasion… I am given the opportunity to speak with you through your dear friend, Mathew. And I want to express my hopes and desires that there will be many more occasions when we will converse about the harvest of steady advancement in all you and your associates can achieve.

"They are my hopes that the efforts and involvements of the staunch workers in your group will blossom and flower, bear fruit and come to full fruition. And I assure you, George, that whenever and wherever I can have a positive impact on the work, and with Those who oversee the activities, I shall do so.

George: "I would like to see a situation where communications are coming through louder, clearer, and preferably with more and sharper visual effect. I don't know what it is Mathew can do to "crank up the power", but at this time I rather resent having to allow for so much trust in the accuracy of what is coming through. There were other times…"

Samuel: "Whatever it is that can be done is being done. And it needs more frequent, consistent, and prolonged meditation on your part to make for these improvements. Till we meet up again. This is Samuel."

Mathew: "The cooperation you are searching for will be forthcoming. Do not doubt."

George: "Guess we're through. Thanks, and see you both."

Notes: This is the first time I spoke with Teacher Samuel. About a year ago he spoke with Sandy Montee in Australia, and about ten years ago, I got a message from him through a man named, Kelvin, who lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Kelvin works with a Celestial Artisan, together with whom he makes sketches of "Spirit Guides". The drawing I received, however, was not of Samuel, but of my dad, who moved to happier hunting grounds in 1960. The accompanying message was from Samuel, who suggested, "You need a lot of space around you, George." -- meaning, "You're smoking too many cigarettes."

Midwayer ABC-22 was also there with Kelvin, and was described as a "Red Man" who had long been associated with the Kiowa Tribes… George.

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