This Battle Plan.


Idaho, US of A, March 8, 2002.

Christ Michael.

Received by George Barnard.

George: "How patient you are with me, and always have been. There is a loud ringing here. Sharp and high pitched. We have a connection. Don't be shy."

Michael: "This is Michael. It is my pleasure to visit you in your "war room". It is an indulgence on my part to be here with you, and to participate in your plans of attack, and it is, as I earlier on this day alluded to, a delight to me that you by your ways, your means, your methods, show the dogged determination of your ancient ancestors out on the hunt."

George: "I'd would ask You for a short gem of a message for those I'm hunting for."

Michael: "So be it, my dear one, that it is through your efforts -- your efforts and the efforts of the one you love -- that my words will resonate to many, and many more in the years to come, and around the globe.

"Together with Prince Machiventa, and his great many legions of the many species that are my children -- all -- we have in fact declared what you may see as a war against ignorance, but for betterment, and in many cases and in many places against a lack of care and empathy, a lack of love for brotherhood and sisterhood, an affliction of selfishness.

"A lack of consideration, and the determination to win at all cost, but in short; a lack of spirituality.

"And by my ruling, through Machiventa's "generalship", with the blessings of the Most High, the help of our Father, and the ingenuity, creativity, and determination of the troops who strive for good, this battle will be won, conclusively, and it is just a matter of time.

"Slowly, as renewed and re-adjusted re-implanted energy circuits of light reconnect with your world and those worlds that were so sadly left behind, there will be an upsurge… (unclear) …a promising upsurge in spirituality. Slowly, I say, although certainly, because all on this earth need to retain their equilibrium.

"But under the direction of the "Wisdom from on High", to the fulfillment of my dearest wishes and according to Machiventa's strategy, we see into the future and we see the battle won.

"Let each and every one of you shine your light. May each and every one of you love one another. Let each and every one of you reach out to your neighbors. May each and every one of you be guided by the Father Fragment within onto your chosen path, so that you may become whole, so that you may become complete, so that you may remember what it always was you set out to effect in fulfilling the promise for self and to others.

"I am pleased, my dear one, you will forward my message, not of hope but of certainty, not of dreams but of reality, not of wishes but of actuality. And it pleasures me greatly that you have opened your heart and your soul to so many of my children to converse with them so freely. And I promise you that through your efforts you will grow and come in(to) closer touch with those who hold you dear and near to them.

"Spread my light and my love to the far corners, and know that I shall be there for you whenever you reach for me.

"I am the Sovereign of Nebadon. I am Michael."

George: "David? Mathew? I need to know if I got this right."

Mathew: "Don't be shy."

Note: There was a comment from Midwayer Mathew some five or more hours prior to this message. It was a suggestion, Mathew made, that Michael could see me with a double edged sword, not unlike Saul or Paul, had I been on Urantia in His time.

I thought the Midwayer was joking, but Michael later alluded to that strange remark.

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