Our Father has decreed it.


Georgia, US of A, March 13, 2002

Teacher John

Received by Carolyn Camp

Carolyn: "Iím here Kal. I know you have been calling me for several days. Iíve seen your prompts. Iím ready to speak with you, or with anyone who wishes to speak with me. Sorry I havenít responded sooner."

John: "It has been a long day for you, Carolyn. You mortals fight spiritual battles just like we do. Your battles are just as real and just as tiring. The battle with ignorance is a hard one to wage. The ignorant of your world are very slow to enlighten, and they resist with great determination, but they will eventually be enlightened just the same."

Carolyn: "Is a time nearing when we will all be told the truth about our world, and what is happening here now, and what has happened in the past?"

John: "It is nearing. We prefer for it to take place slowly and for it to gradually happen with the changing of each mind, but the pressure for the need for change in so many areas is forcing us to consider other options. We must make the changes that are needed so that all will not be lost.

"Rushing the evolution of the human mind is a dangerous thing, and there may be some mental casualties in the process, but the alternative horror is a much greater threat. The confusion of beliefs, and the mental stubbornness of large parts of your world to hold on to ancient and outworn concepts, is in great evidence here.

"It is unfortunate that some may not be able to accept truth no matter how well it is presented. However, the world must move forward at this time. Transition into a spiritual age has begun, and cannot be stopped. Stopping spiritual evolution at this time would, in itself, be a great danger to the world as a whole. There are many minds seeking truth.

"The spiritual response to this mental action is activation of an automatic universal law. It cannot be stopped, unless decreed by the Creator himself, which is impossible for us to even imagine at this point. Truth seeking minds have activated a great spiritual force. We must respond in tandem with that force and do what is necessary to help you mortals to understand this transition and to help you through it.

"It will be much easier for some than it is for others, and some may not be able to accept it at all. As with much that has happened on your world, we will all have to deal with it as best we can. We wish for all to find joy and happiness in the transition to a spiritual age of love and wonderÖ but we are experienced enough to know that all will not see it as such. It is a sadness that we must bare."

Carolyn: "Thank you John, I do believe that many of us are weary of the blindness we are confronted with every day. It's a tiring and seemingly useless battle. It wears on us."

John: Carolyn, donít give up on the quest for light. The light will come. Hope will reign. Peace will prevail, as you so hope for. Our Father has decreed it. It will be so. Bless you, my Carolyn. Peace be with you."

Carolyn: "Thank you so much John, my dear friend, and my love to you and all who work in the service of Michael."

Note: Teacher John is a Melchizedek.  Kal, or Kalson is a Secondary Midwayer.

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