Idaho, US of A, April 19, 2002.

Mother Spirit.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Nebadonia:  "Greetings to you my children.  This is Nebadonia.  Some of you will only know me as Mother Spirit.  I would like to talk today about the women of Urantia.

"When Michael lived on this planet as Jesus, the Son of Joseph, the suppression of women was commonplace almost everywhere.  I would like to note that today's society offers women much more respect than was once the case.  The plight of woman on Urantia has been talked about and questioned for centuries, but women are beginning to be noticed, are beginning to be heard, and this to a much greater degree than ever before -- in politics, in teaching in the various schools of learning, in research, in industry, as in their more traditional roles.

We thank Michael for this, and indeed, I thank Michael for allowing me to be His equal Partner.  But I do also see the many countries where the males of your species still look down upon the females in their societies, and this is especially true in the Middle East where women have not been allowed to teach in their schools, to be lawyers or doctors, or enter into those professions that are still entirely male dominated.

"Through you, my daughter, I would like to speak out to these women, and to the women of the world.  Motherhood is a gift that cannot be surpassed.  Although many women, who do not have children of their own, do have the many needed characteristics, inborn talents and natural instincts of caregiving, peacemaking, and nurturing.

"Take for instance a woman in the medical fields -- working as a nurse, working as a Red Cross helper, joining the military, and so many others that are now respected in fields that were once open only to men.  As women they are better able to include in friendship, and nurture, those with whom they come into contact, and I am very proud of these women who try to make a difference on Urantia.

"The nurturing instincts are (a) part of the psyche of females, no matter if they have given birth to a child, or find a way to provide for those needs in other fashions.

"Urantia has been slow in allowing, the emancipation of women, even acts of kindness towards females, and basic respect for the feminine gender.  Let us keep this in mind as we begin to uphold the rights of women, for the uplifting of spirit within all womanhood -- for they are equally treasured in His eyes.

"It is often still unusual for a female to even be proud of her gender-typical characteristics of the unconditional love she can freely give, the nurturing and strength she can and does exhibit during the many occasions when it is she who holds the family together in difficult times, nurses the sick, however continues to believe in the Father blessings to her offspring.

"My daughter, it makes no difference in the eyes of God whether a person is male or female, yet the oppression of women in many societies is still a troublesome matter.

"I bid you farewell."

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