Mid East Involvement


Idaho, US of A, April 23, 2002.

Midwayers Bzutu (ABC-22), Andrea, and Cherubim Frank.

Received by George Barnard

George: "…think I figured it out at last.  A person goes talking to the Midwayers and pretty soon his friends will up and leave him.  And then the Midwayers come around and tell him to be more sociable, or they will leave him, too.  Did I get that right this time, or should I now apologize for my being sarcastic?

"So, where on earth are you then?"

Bzutu: "George, it is about time you improved on your sense of humor and your "facetiousness", or grow tired of it altogether.  This is your co-conspirator of many years.  This is Bzutu, We are right here in the now and we greet you, Brother.

"Although you may find this hard to grasp; for my small unit -- my small group -- this has been a tiring time, which is only now slowly coming to an end.  It is in the Territory of Palestine, 'where on earth' we have been.  We have watched the loss of life and devastation, assisted where we could, and it is left for us to wonder how many more significant setbacks this planet can still take.

"And when I say we're tired, I point out that we are emotionally drained by our frequent inability to get through to those who make the calamitous decisions about organized unjustified slaughter of their very kin.  We share your feelings, and we're all looking forward to an overdue and lengthy epidemic of peace to break out, so we can get on with our main task of generating some progress in the Urantia play pen.

"We, here, now looking at you, have not enjoyed the last few weeks of bloodshed and tears, but now there is another who wishes to talk with you."

George:  "See you later, Bzutu.  Tah-rah."

Andrea: "Hello my friend, George.  This is Andrea.  We, too (Primary Midwayers), have been in the midst of the schemozzle and hard at work in the Palestine lands.  If you have noticed of late that we have been 'rather thin on the ground', well, it is explainable in that the Middle East is a powder keg, and that with a major "explosion" there, much of our world may be 'picking up debris' in places far from that ugly scene.

"So much of our energy has gone into defusing the negativity, violence and trouble caused by your brothers and sisters in that region.  And, although we may hardly speak of our successes there achieved, at your level, you may never know just how much we have been capable of minimizing the overall damage.

"But we here are all hopeful that the worst is over now, and that some peace process can begin to be adopted by all sides -- some peace process can begin to be realized by all sides.  That it will come about.

"So often, George, we find that, in reality, our work takes us ten steps forward, then nine steps back, but we will win in the end.  I can visualize the Jews and Palestinians working together to rebuild what they have destroyed, make good the hurt they caused each other.  I can visualize this.  I can't see it.

"You, I suggest, will need to clear your mind in the next few days.  Go do a few mundane things and achieve a better contact with us.  Clear your mind.  These are important times.

I love you, Brother, and as you always sign off… God bless.

Cherubim "I'll be Frank": "George, there was an e-mail message from a dear friend of yours on this day.  And now it's up to me to remind you of your human nature, and your propensity to be so unnecessarily forgetful.  It's an interesting trip you humans take.

"I'm kindly reminding you, when I could, of course, be "Frank"."

George (laughing): "Well, hello Frank!"

Frank: "The point made by one of your very dear friends is a very important one.  There is an opportunity that should long ago have been taken, and I suggest you give it priority, for something isn't working as it should.  There it is.  That's all from me.

"You told me you like my wit, and you told me you like my sharp mind.  Well, there you have it, "Frankly", and I suggest you see to that problem as soon as you can.

"Sanobim Alice also sends you her love.  She is frank, although she is not "Frank".

George: "Thanks a lot.  I'll try find out what can be done."

Note: The Cherubim indeed made us aware of a glitz with, as well as a needed improvement to, the web site -- http://www.1111progressgroup.org -- and that's progress. He's "Frank" and he is practical. The problem is fixed.

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