Universal Balance -- Interpersonal Harmony.


Idaho, US of A, May 5, 2002

Teacher David

Received by Sandy Montee

David: "Good evening, Sandy.  This is your teacher, David."

Sandy: "Hello, David.  Welcome to our home."

David: "I would like to speak this evening about the balance and harmony in the universe.  In this exercise we might look upon the universe as a playground of a very large family -- your family, my family, and the family of all who come to the Father -- requesting of Him that we might share a little of His Infinite Wisdom, Creative Power, and Eternal Love.

"The entire universe truly is in complete harmony, balance and equilibrium -- pulsating, vibrating with energy, as we see it.  The planets revolving around your central star move in harmony of perfect balance to the extent that each planet is an outworking of independent energy and vibration, while, at the same time, they also depend on the vibrations, the push, the pull, of the other planets in the group.  They cooperate.

"As planet after planet is "pulled in from the darkness of lifelessness" and brought into line with existing inhabited planets for it to also sustain intelligent life, another planet may well be dying and become uninhabitable.  This is the big picture of balance and growth that we see happening over eons of time.  However the same principle applies in the daily lives of all practical intelligent beings on Urantia.

"All persons have to independently search for, and find, their balance, their energy, and this creates a vibration which "finds tune" with other humans within the circle of friends and acquaintances they will get to know and be in contact with during their lifetimes.

"The outworkings of perfect personal balance and positive energy, at this time when the circuits are in restoration, does extend into, and contribute to, worlds far beyond Urantia.  The earth will now not only sustain the life herein but will also link up with persons all around the globe.  The energy becomes quite intense, as long as some type of harmony is established as one person will cooperate with another to produce "that ladder of energy" that reaches into the Heavens, and all the way to the Father.

"The "circles of harmony and cooperation" within these small groups of humans are no less important, than they are within the planetary groups, the systems, the universes.

"My student, you would need to be a rocket scientist to even begin to understand all of the accomplishments that are required to bring harmony and balance to all persons, places and things.

"So, where does this lesson bring us?  It brings us to but the slightest awakening of an understanding of what life truly is about, and how life can work for you, and how it can work for others, in your trying to stay in balance, and for your trying to not travel too far from the center of the path of truth, beauty and goodness.

"This will require an ongoing study into the state of your balance, and an ongoing effort to keep that balance, as you are employed in the task of co-creating together with the Father.

"To remain on track in your quest of achieving a purer, more rewarding spiritual life, it is indeed this lesson you must heed, for this is the true purpose of your life.

"The Father Whom we call God, the Son of God Whom we call Michael, and the Creator of innumerable children Whom we call Nebadonia, are the Heads of that one single family of all children of God.  And They would treasure nothing more than for you to be Their co-creator, to place yourself in alignment with Their Eternal Purpose, and for you to feel the transfer of Power from these Heavenly Parents to you.

"Your realizing how this universe functions will help give you peace of mind, in that you will grasp how the Father protects, empowers, and loves all His children.

"The mortal mind is made up in such a way that you are generously allowed the most important realization that humans do have the purpose in life of contributing to that unbroken circle of balance and harmony.

Well, and the purpose of your trying to gain a little wisdom along the way.

"To flow with life as life flows, and to stay on that narrow pathway towards your ascension onto the mansion worlds, is the very challenge and opportunity of your existence that leads to God.

"I do hope you will reflect on the total essence of this talk, and that you will try to achieve an optimum balance despite the many challenges on this world -- as on Urantia this is not always an easy task -- in understanding this message with the help of your Teachers, your Guides, and your Celestial Friends.

"I will end my transmitting for this evening.  We will talk again soon, and I will say goodbye for now."

Sandy: "Thank you David.  Goodnight.  Actually, it's good morning now.  And thank you, Mathew."

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