A Time For Healing.


US of A, May 7, 2002.

Archangel Raphael

Received by Carolyn Camp

Archangel Raphael: "It is I, Raphael.  Sweep your worries aside, my dear friend.  As dust, they will disintegrate into smaller and smaller particles that are then blown away by the wind. 

"Your world is on the cusp of an astounding period of enlightenment.  We of the circuit of Archangels stationed on Urantia have prepared for the great period that is to follow your present history.  We are here to assist in all that is to follow. 

"Your world has made strange heroes and strange monuments of adoration as a result of confusion and misguided signals from your societies, and people of good faith grow weary, but rest and ease of mind is close at hand.

"Your societies all have self-perpetuating illnesses.  It is now a time for healing.  There are countless Beings ready to assist, and many individuals already receive this healing to varying degrees.  Keep your hopes high, and never doubt that you are loved by us all.

"I am Archangel Raphael."

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