Human Input in the Urantia Papers.


Idaho, US of A, June18, 2002.

Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

Received by George Barnard

George: "I thank you for your signal.  Loud and clear."

Bzutu: "This is your comrade, ABC-22.  It ceaselessly surprises me to find how long it must take for you to prepare for an informal discussion with me.  I greet you, brother.

"This evening, I want to talk with you regarding the use of certain phraseology in the Urantia Papers, and it is not just recently, but right from the onset of your first reading of 77 (Paper 77) that you were tweaked about the use of disagreeable terminology, that you were tweaked about the out-of-place denunciation of certain methods of contact, and that you were tweaked about the supposed danger of befriending "low-grade Celestials" such as us common Midwayers."

(Contact broken -- prolonged laughter)

Bzutu: "…back again.  And looking back over a long period of association in your terms during which we truly got to know each other, and were able to gauge each other's personality characteristics -- talents and flaws alike -- we could only be considered to have been engaged in things truly shameful and sordid, would you not say?

"In all we tried and all we did in our varied methods of drawing closer to each other, were we depraved in our ways of doing Michael's work?  Did we degrade ourselves in our means of contact as we ministered to troubled minds in Nebadonia's name?  Did we debase ourselves in the ways we ensured a Father Fragment received Its dues in the experiential journey It chose to travel?  Have you or I in any way retarded the growth of the Planetary "Representation" of the Supreme of time and space?  I… would say not.

"We are entitled to use our minds in any way the Creator of All has pre-dispositioned us to, as a team, do what is right in His name.  Our states of consciousness are His gifts to be used, and God knows how little use we make of them for each of us to reach across the chasms of the time frame differentials.

"You have asked me a straight question and I will give you the straight answer you deserve.  There is no way in which any method of sincere reach towards your brothers and sisters of another species can be denounced as sordid or shameful, when each of these participants is fully employed, wholly involved, and deeply gratified in doing a task our Creator intended for us to fulfill.  In serving Michael, in serving Mother Spirit, in serving the Father, and when it involves the saving of, the enrichment of, the happiness in the lives of Father's children, we were and remain on a true course.

"In providing such great service, yet interjecting with personal opinions, a great work has been devalued and the tiny present-day fragment that is "the Urantia Papers aware" aspect of the population is therethrough fragmented further still.

"As once the 873 departed from the 1,111, as once the 40,119 departed from the 9,881… (Unclear) …once again the Fifth Epochal Revelation, though only to a degree, shares its fate with that of the Fourth, in that it causes uncertainty and division when a single great, logical, but biased mind is at mischief."

George: "I have one question."

Bzutu: "It must wait for now, but not for long.  Adieu."

Note: There is nothing in the Urantia papers about befriending "low-grade Celestials", only in private posts from some mortals that are less grateful for the services of the Urantia Midwayers. 

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