The Complimentary Source.


Georgia, US of A, June 24, 2002.

Teacher John.

Received by Carolyn Camp.

John: "Hello Carolyn.  This is John.

"When someone reaches within -- for an answer to a question or to make a decision -- he or she has the opportunity to learn from a Higher Power.  Answers are not always solely intellectual.  Sometimes they are a combination of a sense of rightness along with intelligent conclusions.

"When these factors compliment each other, one is usually on the right track.  The most telling signal that one is taking the wrong path is when there is strong conflict with these two perceptions.

"Often people take the wrong path, because they want so badly for either their feelings or their intellect to be correct that they try to ignore signals coming from the Complimentary Source.  Mortals often tend to ignore answers that arenít within their desires.

"Our Father gives us many tools to work with.  We are not meant to only use them one at a time.  The most important thing to remember is to keep the Love of our Father for all of his Children as the final testing factor in decision-making.

"Our Fatherís love is with you all, at all times."

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