"Seemingly Beside The Rails."


Idaho, US of A, July 12, 2002.

Cherubim "I'll be Frank".

Received by George Barnard.

George: "The verb is 'cooperating'.  The noun is 'cooperation', and that happens to also be my middle name.  I do not always feel this to be reciprocal as far as my Celestial Friends are concerned.  I'm here.  I'm stating my case.  So, who will reciprocate?"

Frank: "You are being given all the cooperation we can give.  You are in receipt of all the input that you allow yourself to be sensitive to.  We are here to advise you in all facets of your life and work, but always in accordance with the comparatively complex rules and regulations under which we lesser angels function in this, the Correcting Time.  I greet you my mortal brother and student.  This is Frank."

George: "Greetings, Frank.  I was hoping it'd be you."

Frank: "There is another outlook that we are, at least, and so should you be, aware of; that you and your associates have embarked on a long-term project that is to be your little effort in changing the world.  And it is in those instances when we know that you are on track in making come about the goal of many years of planning, that we wish not to interfere.  In the sense that if any input by us should be misunderstood by you, we would hamper rather than help that which is destined to come about.

"Do we resent your at-times voiced criticism of us?  I say not.  We know what you mortals are like, because you do not have the birds-eye view on all that will come about.  And long ago it was understood that allowances must be made for those who are focused on bringing about certain changes, certain improvements, certain new paradigms and new ways, that we refrain from intentionally steering you in predetermined directions that may be perceived by us as being essential.

"It is called "laisez-faire".  Let it happen, as it is meant to happen.  For even at our level of comprehension, it is sometimes difficult to conceive how an enterprise that looks like it may well be derailing itself, ends up satisfying the purpose for which it was instigated in fulfilling the will of the Father.

"To us Cherubim who have studied the mortal mind for hundreds of years and from our viewpoint -- for, at times, millennia and with our take on what goes on in your minds -- extraordinary allowances are made for your "train of thought" to seemingly be running at full speed beside the rails, its wheels relentlessly bumping the ties, as it charges towards its goal, and for it, after many miles of travel, to still arrive at its station of planned destination.

"Laisez-faire" is at times good advice for us, in that it will likely slow your heartbeat.  Taking you out of the mood for eating junk food -- reducing both your cholesterol and blood pressure, to give you many more years of service to the Father on this fortunate planet of wide-ranging opportunities for all.

"I thank you for your comments, and I only gave you my personal account of clinical observation herewith… 'Frankly'".

Bzutu: "The degree of Frank's eloquence in expression, and yours, quite matches your personal directness in demands, George.  The degree of your zeal appears inversely related to the forethought expressed in your preamble.  Adieu, mon frère."

George: "Good one!"

Note: Some weeks ago we were told there would be little contact until after some lengthy writing had been completed and approved.  I had totally forgotten that remark, and wondered "where they all were".

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