Love without Respect.


Idaho, US of A, June 2, 2002.

Unknown Midwayer.

Received by George Barnard.

Midwayer: "We know how you feel.  We can sense how you feel.  And it is because of the dimension in time that we live in; we can also see precisely how you feel.  You are in, let us call it, a state of grieving and rebellion.

"I am a Midwayer, a friend, and I greet you, Brother.

George: "Our greetings to you.  What's on your slate, Sister?"

"This.  The crux about your feelings I want to discuss with you is the difference between love and respect, for there is certainly a vast difference between love and respect.

"We are well aware of your "philosophy in the hierarchy of feelings one develops for his kin" -- the theory that unbiased investigation of another's ways must bring understanding, which can be followed by respect, next admiration, and then last of all love.

"And I agree with you, that for many this is the order in which these feelings grow -- are aroused, over time.  It is human nature and we know it so well.  Only with maturity will the enlightened universe citizens arrive at the realization that they can still disrespect and even abhor what others do wrong, yet continue to love them without condition for nevertheless being the children of God that they are.

"In time and growth one gains the maturity and insight that will allow you to disrespect the inaction or cruelty of a parent -- a father, or a mother, a guardian, who neglects a child, yet you can still love them, merely for being the offspring of the Creator, Who is also the Source of your individual being.

"There is something to note here, something to learn from this, George.  And I will give you an example that must ring true to you at this very time.  You may disrespect, even loathe the taking of drugs, but if you say you cannot love the addict, you are only fooling yourself.

"In fact this is a lesson, a powerful lesson, that you long ago comprehended, but only recently learned; for as much as you hated, despised, show disrespect for, the behavior of your recently departed friend who so carelessly did away with a precious life, your very feelings should tell you there was, and still is, much love in your heart for that sad, lost individual.

"You grieve for those who are left behind, but also for the victim, and it is that; the feeling you experience right now, that must explain to you that you cannot simply disrespect, hate or despise the misguided person, the confused sibling, for the madness of this desperate act -- for what was done to end the suffering.

"You can be full of contempt for their actions, but continue to love these individuals for being His children, and real equals to all.  We truly all are each other at our Spiritual Root Source.

"I am a Midwayer.  I am a sister or cousin to those you know well."

George: "Will you give me your name, or code, or call sign, Sis?"

Midwayer: "I will not give you my "social security code", Buddy.  I'm simply a friend, but I trust that together with you, and because of recent events you shared with all, that it becomes more widely understood that your love can go out to all, irrespective of your possible contempt for their wrongful behavior directed at self or others.

"I give you the kindest regards of many.  Even do we all send our love, as you return yours.  Goodbye."

Note:  This transmit was in response to a recent drug suicide.



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