The Demise of Organized Religion.


Alberta, Canada, August 28, 2002


This writing comes to you from Jitsche Ausma. I am a member of the 11:11 Angels and I translate the 11:11 transmissions and submissions into the Dutch language for one of our European lists.

Recently, my husband and I traveled west into the US and we took the opportunity to finally meet up with Sandy Montee and George Barnard in Idaho. While Sandy and my man discussed matters that were of interest to them, George “walked me through” the Akashic Construct he has taught so many in both, Australia and the US.

At one point, George had me visualizing a stage, and, spontaneously and immediately, I saw a broken-down red “cathedral-type” building with its windows smashed or missing, and its doors about to fall from their hinges.

Suddenly, I realized that I was seeing myself as standing at the edge of a large square field of burned out cinders – a field of black, hardened lava in which nothing would grow, and in the middle of this stood that dilapidated “House of God”.

A moment later, I perceived myself as standing on a bed of washed and spotlessly clean river stones, and then the scene changed again, to where I stood on top of a rise.

Here I was looking toward a wide expanse of rolling hills that “went on forever”, and the air was fresh and clean and smelled of freshly mown grass. The sky was of a brilliant blue.

“You are looking at the future demise of organized religion,” George told me. “You already knew all that in your mind. Now it is also in your heart that spirituality cannot be housed in, or locked away in a building.” He added, “I didn’t have to think of what it all meant. Mathew (the Midwayer) just spoke for me, and your Destiny Guardians provided the pictures you just saw.”

I’m glad I visited Idaho to meet some of my co-workers.

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