Think ‘Exponential’.


Illawarra District, New South Wales, August, 29, 2002.

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Received by George Barnard

George (experiencing a sudden, huge flash of white light): “That’s great!  I feel honored.  Blown away, too, but I’m OK now.  I’m ready and settled back into my sandbox now.”

Bzutu: “This is your ‘playgroup sibling’ of many years.  This is ABC-22.  You were witness to a spectacle the Midwayers observe on many occasions when we ‘connect’ to facilitate the communicating of Correcting Time lessons to those who will hear.  Yet there are many other occasions when we witness such departures of ‘Creator Fragments’ of widely varied talents and experiences, doubtlessly, each with an important classified rendezvous to keep.

“At those times, it is mostly via the instructions of our Seraphic Superiors that we learn from the Father Fragments what the requirements of their particular human dependants might be.  These ‘disengagement events’ (flashes) do not necessarily imply that a transmission is about to commence, for there might only be a mere snippet of information in need of being passed on subliminally, or we might simply be there to heal, observe, or help with “watchcare” of an individual in need.  A many-faceted involvement is ours, for we are the Celestial Jacks of all Trades.

“Now to the business at hand: You have checked to see that your tape recorder is in fact recording on this occasion, so let’s do this all again.

“In this first instance, I speak on behalf of Dr. Mendoza, at least in so far as my advising you that the responses from list subscribers to his offer of healings, and also to those offers made by his colleagues in regard to the curing of both physical and mindal ailments, has greatly delighted him.  He has been informed by me of the positive feedback you’ve been getting.

”For my part, I want to explain the reason why the Doctor insisted on his personally coming through with these proposals; I suspected, then learned, and I now know, that he simply wanted it done right (he’s joking).

“Still now, as I explained to you before, there are circuits being “updated”, and strengthened, and increasingly this gives us more elbowroom with the work we do on the Urantia factory floor, one must indicate.  In addition, the contingent of 873 Returnees are now at work, fully occupied, and they are, on average and by nature and disposition, closer to you – our human brothers and sisters – if not more eager to serve than we are.  They’ve all got their timecards, and they all have bundied on.

“There is another factor: Our ‘imported friends’, and those many among them who have acquired talents in the treatment of psychological, emotional and physiological ‘failures’, have also swung into action.  We have learned a great deal from them, already, and they have also learned a great deal from us.

“They have the accumulated learning one gathers on a world that has reached these long-awaited stages of Light and Life.  Their vast wealth of knowledge stands us in good stead.  Our own trials, successes, errors and failures of the centuries of tenure have also added a great deal of learning and insight – progress to their spiritual ‘endeavoring”.

“And, so, there is a manifold increase in talent and in ability – in our capacity to now ‘provide service to bodies and minds’, and one must think, “Greater than the Sum Total of Talent by Far”.  Think, “Exponential”, George, “Beyond the 2D Square”, and, “Outside the 3D Box”.  Yet, little can be done without clear and sincere requests for assistance coming our way.

George: “Some people think I’m the mediator between them and the Doc.  This group is only the promoter.  People need feedback is all, I suppose.”

Bzutu: “Yes.  Yes.  Well, I note your tape recorder is still turning on this occasion.  What good fortune we occasionally experience in this fascinating life!  This time around, we should be successful in our communications, and I thank you for your enduring patience with me, brother.  There truly are times when I can learn some things from you.  This is your comrade, Bzutu.  Later.”

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