We Are Each Other.


Set out below is a tiny segment of an hour-long off-and-on Delta-level transmission.  It goes back to relatively ancient times, and the eminent Teacher here is my beloved Brother in Christ, ABC-22.

This spontaneous transmit, triggered by the empathy I felt for her, was for Jillian-Marie, an angry posttraumatic stress disordered teenager in the clinical setting of those years.  It was recorded at that time, accidentally and in a small part taped over some years later, and finally documented in 1988 to be held for future writings.

The transmission alludes to the non-existence of time for (or non-realization of time by) our Spiritual Selves, their growth or progress through our experiences, and likely involvement in this Deep Mind transmission.  It also seems to claim that we have an ongoing co-existence with, or tie to, the evolutionary God, the Supreme.  And in this instance it is also a definite record of the patient having had pre-knowledge of the trauma that came her way.

It was all new information to me at the time, but I often still read this now.  It means a lot to me still, and contained clear and accurate views of Jill’s future.

Mount Vernon, New South Wales, November 1974.

Midwayer Chief Bzutu, (ABC-22)

Transmitted by George Barnard.

Jill-Marie (shouting): “You don’t know what it is like to hurt all the time, George!”

Bzutu: “When you hurt, I hurt as well.  When you feel abused, I do, too.  When you are unhappy, so am I.  But when you smile, I light up.  When you’re beaming, I feel even better, and when you laugh it really makes my day.

“We are not creatures, you and I.  We are Creation!  We are not, each of us, individual children of a God.  We are simply segments of this Creator Being!  We are each other!  And we are timeless.

“You must learn from this horrid illusion you yourself have created, and so we can all gain wisdom yet expend no time.  We grow, spiritually.  That is how it is meant to be.”

Jill-Marie (sobbing): “I don’t always understand what you are saying, but my soul knows you are right.  I give you such a hard time.”

George: “Yeah, Ma’am.  You sure do.”

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