Father Fragments – A Great Diversity.


Illawarra District, October 29, 2002

Teacher Samuel.

Received by George Barnard

Samuel: “There are features of sheer ingenuity, and expressions of the most incredible brilliance associated with the Spirit Selves impinging on the minds, mores and genius of both, the greatly mixed, and lesser-diluted races of this planet -- a planet that is now climbing out of the darkness of economic warfare and enforced deprivation for many due to the barbaric application of capitalistic principles, to aim you all at a more socialistic groundswell of values, a caring for all that is of such urgent need here.

“To some of the Celestial Forces it is a remarkable, near miracle event that such advancement could even exist in our dearly-wished-for estimations and projections, and certainly in regard to our most somber calculations, that such progress were to early present itself.

“The Advanced and greatly Superior Spirit Selves have been making Their presence felt on your planet.  Comparatively speaking, few on this world were graced with Pilot Lights of such extraordinary experience as Those who have been arriving in numbers since before the advent of your industrial revolution.  Yes, even since somewhat before that time.

“And it was through the energetic personalities to match, that these necessary forward steps could be made.  Few on your world are now in receipt of indwelling Fragments of our Creator that must still experience their first-ever time/space reality.  And by and large these Fragments of unrecorded time/space skills arrive to serve only those of impaired spiritual capacity and They will often arrive much later in the lives of these cases, where the advent of maturity is so delayed.

“We perceive the arrival of great waves of experienced and independently-minded Father Fragments -- among those a great many who have lovingly guided countless mortals to their stations in “the lower heavens”, to once again be at hand to serve here and finally fuse with your brothers and sisters of this world that remain steadfast through these comparatively challenging times.

“These are the Creator Fragments that chose to, for a time, disregard their innate drive, and to, one might suggest, temporarily forego the ultimate satisfaction of fusing with the perfected soul-selves of their uninterrupted devotion and earlier choice, to thus serve the creative, greatly tested, and most committed of personalities to whom they will much later award a lasting universe reality.

“And yet, in many instances, the vaguely distant memories of their previous “lives” will surface as inexplicable talents of your today, and more often does it give rise to the concept of reincarnation of a soul.  Though in error, it matters not if this brings other spiritual insights to them who do so believe.

“For this lesson, my mortal brother, I want to make you aware of the fact that those Father Fragments of intermediate experience, although they are commonly grouped amongst the second most advanced classification – those who have previously watchcared and guided a mortal somewhere in our universes -- there are those who also can lead the ‘captain of their indwelling assignment’ to go about their chosen tasks with the talents of ‘the best of harbor pilots’.

“It is in association with the third group of most experienced and ‘most decorated’ of these Father Fragments that you recognize the vanguard of mortal subjects that are so effective in the Correcting Time.  It is amongst these who time after time chose to exist in the minds of those of whom it would be known that they would later fuse with alternative Creator Fragments, and thus make their way to higher realms and enjoy their lives of eternal service.

“They are these Superior Adjusters that you will find turning up on your planet more and more often, and it is They, in the end analysis, that are highlighting the way of the Correcting Time – always and ever at hand when critical decisions need to be made, they will forever be in the assistance of the leaders that are “conspiring” to bring about the progress of your world.

“Many of these greatly superior fragments of the Creator have in their past acquired an enormous variety of extraordinary talents, and their appearance on this earth in even moderate early numbers already heralded the new beginnings.

“Now you will find that there are many, ever more, and in our observations we can determine many more groupings of these extraordinary Father Fragments as we watch the enfoldment of progress on this planet.  We can see how the most amazing and unusual of talents fit into the father’s plan at the right time, in the right place, in relation to specific events and within a specific group of mortals or relating to just one individual charged with the carrying out of a specific task as part of advancing the rehabilitation of this planet.

“Some of the Father Fragments might be compared to unusual, vividly-colored pieces in a giant puzzle.  Yet when all is assembled, they will be seen as the necessary parts of the total as all blend together to reveal the Father’s greater plan.  Each of us Teachers is guided to be alert of our Spirit Self’s leading to fit in with that plan.

“We are astounded by the ability of these Fragments of the Creator of All to be so capable to the most unlikely to be spiritized of His creatures to advance, to step forward, to assist in putting together the near endless puzzle that is the Father’s grand design toward your time of glory, your time of victory, your time of Light and Life, and the Brotherhood of all men your planet is destined to achieve.

“One cannot possibly raise one’s voice loud enough to praise the Treasures that they are, acclaim the loving care with which they guide us all, or applaud the brilliance with which they will bring you into a realm of difficulties from which you may learn the greatest lessons, as here and in later times, they will shepherd you to ‘a point in destiny’ where fusion with them will end their lives, and yours, to create entirely new creatures that are you.

“I speak of the vast number of subgroups of these, the most Superior of the Father Fragments, in which we nevertheless still clearly perceive a total degree of common aim.  It is from these greatly varying groupings that the individuals are chosen to belong to one reserve corps subdivision, or to another.  And this you will find.

“It is my privilege to be in communion with you.  It is my one desire to frequently interact with you as your humble Teacher.  It is my delight to so serve Michael and be a brother to you.  You are fatigued, I am told.  I will cut this lesson short now.

“This is Samuel.”

Notes: This transmission followed communication about the book, “Return of the Bird Tribes”, and about whether or not it in any way reflected an arrival of highly experienced Creator Fragments.  It so does.

Samuel’s terms, “Spirit Self”, “Father Fragment”, “Fragment”, “Pilot Light”, “Adjuster”, and “Thought Adjuster” all have the same meaning here.

Samuel here emphasizes the reason for the erroneous beliefs of so many in re-incarnations of the soul, rather than a return to experiential life of a Fragment of the Father that chooses to allow a certain amount of information exchange of a previous time/space experience.

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