Concepts That Educate.


Idaho, US of A, June 30, 2002.

Midwayer Mathew.

Received by George Barnard.

George: "Hi, Mathew.  Hi, Clare.  I greet you, guys, and I apologize for my usual tardiness.  You might only vaguely remember the slow progress of the beginning times on your planet.  Nevertheless, remiss as I am, my mind's with you now."

Mathew: "This is Mathew, my brother.  The greetings of all of my tribe -- us, visiting short-term volunteers on your small gem of a planet -- are herewith extended to you and all those who will hear us, together with our best wishes for you and your friends.

George: "Short-term?  Yeah.  My teeth won't hardly itch anymore, and you'll still be darting about on this world, I'll bet."

Mathew: "Likely.  Almost certainly.  There's work to be done, and they are the two of us who in recent days have been far afield to prompt, remind, educate, and bring good news to, many who will in time join up with those who prefer to oftentimes acquaint themselves with regular information about what is going on in our realm and those time-realms that lie beyond.

"I thank you for being aware of our arrival, and, yes, it is correct as you claimed that my command of the English language, and also that of Clare, is improving.  And beyond that, we are now studying more of your diverse languages.

Communication between so many of your racial and language groups is such a handicap to your far-away brothers and sisters, yet such a great advantage to us, in the sense that we can wrap our minds around concepts that in themselves are proving to be an education for us volunteers.

"For my part, I feel ever so graced to have been appointed to this specific task, and even more do I feel grateful for the directive that has been afforded me; to seize any and all opportunities of service that come to my awareness -- having been given carte blanche to, as you might put it, "grab hold of what I can".

"There is on your world an opportunity… (Lost transmission)  There is on your unconventional world an opportunity -- many opportunities, to diversify, and we do so with every chance we get.  It is far sooner than I would normally expect that I have a chance to enjoy a friendship with -- to bond with -- beings that are so very different from those I have served for millennia on my home sphere in this Sector.

"Day by day the three of us are making progress in strengthening the lines of communication, the clarity of reception, that had such feeble beginnings.  More and more we find it to be with greater ease that we put our thoughts across, and we thank you for being alert to our prompts.

"This is what we enjoy.  This is our work.  This is our toy-filled new playpen.  This is "whatfor we gate-crashed" this planet and this is what brings us our constant rewards in personal progress.  It's good to be here.  Stay on the ball.  There's much to be done."

George: "So wake me up from time to time…  Just kidding."

Mathew: "Later."

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