Make Their Day!


Illawarra District, Australia, December 1, 2002

Teacher Sarah.

Received by Sandy Montee

Note: I have a ‘new’ Celestial Teacher working with me almost each day. Her name is Sarah, and I remember her so well from ten or eleven years ago. She was my Teacher then, but for only a couple of years. I am very happy she is back with me again. I missed her dearly. So, may I introduce you all to Sarah?

Sarah: “Hello, this is Teacher Sarah. Sandy and I shared a lot of time together when in the early 1990s the Teaching Mission first came to North Idaho. She asked a lot of questions, and she was a very good student. From my recent activities as a Teacher on our Mansion Worlds, I have watched the Mission evolve into what it is today. Many of you are dedicated to doing the Father’s will and you have progressed well in these short years.

“For those of you who truly seek the Father’s love, a humble kind of wisdom has surfaced in your dealing with others, especially with the young. I am not now speaking of your participation in the Teaching Mission only, but of many facets of your everyday lives, and where you can be of help to others.

“The custom of co-existing as extended families is not as predominant as it once was in more distant times, and I believe much is lost when children don't have the opportunity of spending a great deal of time with their grandparents, or anyone of the older generations. Learning from the wisdom that years of experience can bring is a wonderful advantage to the young people who will listen, and accept advice from the persons who know so well about the bumps and bruises that life can bring.

“Their problem solving capacity is generally extensive, and I might add that many of the difficulties young people go through are not even considered to be problems by the older folks, as simple solutions can come to mind so easily.

“Such popular sayings as, ‘This too shall pass’, ‘Don't sweat the small stuff’, ‘Live in today’, ‘It only hurts for a little while’, ‘Just do your best’, or ‘Be yourself’ -- and I could go on with many more examples – are quite often the only needed answers to what can be a young person’s dilemma.

“Older people get their ‘time out from the struggles of life’, to appreciate the smaller things that matter. Most are only too happy to sit with a young person and share their wisdom, to often discover that the dilemmas are opportunities in disguise.

“Today, I say to you to sometime take time out to be with the older and wiser people in your life, and to tell them you love and appreciate them, and you will make their day! Today, spare some important moments with the younger ones, and you will be their heroes!

“Just a short talk with you today, and I thank you so much for listening to me.

“This is Sarah.”

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