Have the Courage.


Illawarra District, Australia, December 3, 2002

Midwayer Lass Sharmon

Received by George Barnard

Sharmon: “This is Midwayer Sharmon.  I wearing my new party dress, brother George, even though it adds almost a full second to my traveling time from my usual haunts to here, and with these many yards of morontial fabric flapping about my long legs.  I nevertheless felt like dressing up for this enjoyable occasion, my dear friend.

“It is a long time no see, and it is most surprising how a little of my natural charm can persuade the “Powers that Be” to give me a few moments of freedom to go onto these kinds of ‘socializing missions’.  Well, I simply reported that you urgently needed a hug from an old friend, so here I am.”

George: “Thank you so much for coming.  Please be seated, my dear lass.”

Sharmon: “You are being watched, of course, but lately it isn’t ‘Big Brother’, but ‘Little Brother’ who is watching you.  And it is on this occasion that he hops aside, whilst we, old friends, converse as we used to, when long ago you started to write.  Well, now we have a bone to pick, a small bone, but we must pick it nevertheless.

“It was reported to me that you are writing some more, and this time I was to be the subject of your, shall we call it a dissertation about Midwayer frivolity?  But now you have come to a halt, and it is in the last sentence that you completed where I am reported to be ‘the Clown of the Midway Realm’.  And that’s OK.  That’s good!  That’s fine!  Tit for tat, I suggest, because after all, you are now commonly referred to as ‘that Marsupial from the Land of Oz’.  So you see, we are human after all, and we get our own back.”

“It is reported in some quarters that it is almost impossible to frighten you, which is something I find truly hard to believe, because you have come to a halt in your writing about me, but I have my feminine pride, brother dear, and I want my story ‘out there’ for the people.  Have the courage!  Don’t be inhibited!

“Much has happened that has created a wonderful new bond between our separate cultures, and with those that are becoming aware of our existence and potential assistance, and those that are awakening to the possibilities of our working together, so I implore you to set aside your inhibitions and report all just as it was.

“There have been some wonderful decades in which we worked together, and we have seen the human side of you, whilst you witnessed some rather obnoxious midwayer temperaments.  And amongst all of them, yours truly is a very human, loving Midwayer, and we should feel free to write about these things, for in the future, so many of these not-yet-born brothers and sisters will refer to ‘the ancient times’, when the first pioneers, the vanguard, the fumbling beginners in the Correcting Time put pen to paper to record the occurrences that will be so very valued in the later stages.

“This is I, Sharmon, your tall and lanky Midwayer lass, saying how much we love you.  And now I want you to be precise, and describe in great detail, my profound beauty, my charming manner, nay, romantic demeanor, my excellent dress sense, and alluring perfume, oh, and the fact that I wear the latest hairdo, of course.

“Have courage, my friend.  There are those who read the latest transmissions and shout  ‘Hallelujah’, or ‘Allah is Great’, but there are many who enjoy the humor of our kind, the laughs we had, the jokes we told, the creative work we did.

“Put away your self-consciousness, and write.  This is Sharmon, embracing you.”

George: “I love you, Sis.”

Note: At the end of this transmission I had to quickly go back to the “dissertation” about the above clown, and indeed, it finished with the words, “the Clown of the Midway Realm . . .”

For about 35 years I have spoken about, written about, and addressed this Midwayer Lass, as Simone (MNO-Six). On the evening of December 3, 2002, she reminded me of the work we carried out together, but starting off by saying, “This is Midwayer Sharmon.”  Perhaps typical of initial contact so long ago, I may well have gotten her name quite wrong, or so it seems.  And typical of the clown she prefers to play, she’s forever leaving me guessing.

Sharmon (Simone) is a lightning-fast Messenger/Facilitator of a Cro-Magnon blue color, tall and cute.

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