The Potential We All Have.


Coffs Harbour, Australia, August 2, 2002.

Teacher Samuel.

Received by George Barnard.

George: “I knew you were there and I clearly received your prompts earlier this morning. We seem to be working with different time schedules. Call it jet lag. I apologize. I'm here now.”

Samuel: “It is a function of evolutionary life throughout the universes that the surprises be many, and never-ending. Although it is now thousands of years ago, and, for me, many lessons learned since then, I do recall that I tended to ask endless question to which I realized there would be no answers forthcoming.

“Where shall I be? What shall I do? How will I fare? Which is the next road for me to take? What might be the next goal I should aim for? But it is only in the end, through growth, through advancement, that one learns that the function of life in the time/space universes is meant to be one surprise after another – one situation after another -- that we all will need to learn to deal with.

“That is what this experience is all about. That is what in time will make you a contributing member of a celestial force that will look after the new creatures that through your guidance and your educating them, through your leading them and encouraging them, will find their personal roads to advancement and progress.
“It was long before you made your appearance on this planet that I was appointed to guiding a mortal – one I did not yet know, and yet, in my heart, already loved. Yes. We can initially express our love for those who are close to us. We can learn to express our love for those we have not yet met. We learn to realize and express an intense, magnificent, all-consuming affection for those siblings – brothers and sisters in Christ Michael -- that have not yet come into existence.

“Long after you have managed to diminish within yourself those remnants of animal being that you now possess, yes, long after, you will be able to extend your affection, deep and sincere love, to all those diverse entities who have not yet been born, who have not yet been created, who have not yet been eventuated within the time/space universes.

“It is that potential we all have, and, in time, it will become recognized by all that this is part of the reality on which our universes thrive.

“I wish you well, my brother in your travels and with the difficulties that beset you. I wish you well with the solutions that I know you will find. I extend to you my sincere love and want you to know that I’ll be there for you whenever you come looking for me. I am Samuel.”

George: “Thank you, brother.”

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