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Illawarra District, Australia, December 24, 2002

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22)

Received by George Barnard

George: “I thank you for keeping in touch, my dear Friend.  In many and strange ways, a lengthy association of our kinds of creatures tends to be a lonely venture for a mere mortal.  I greet you, and I thank you for your ‘timely’ time-prompt, and I’m ever so pleased you took that time.

Bzutu: “This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu bringing you greetings from my entire group and from me.  It is all throughout the mortal lifetimes of our associates that we do stay in touch – sometimes noticed, mostly elusively so.

“When first we met, as you perceived, I was indeed on sentinel duty.  They were different times with different experiences.  My lengthy turn of duties as a sentinel had almost come to an end, but not quite, when the opportune call-up took place.  And it was in the early years of our contact that our work as the Emergency Platoon was for me a part-time task only, shared between Simone, Andrea, Dr. Mendoza, and yours truly.

“We shared those duties, and it was in those days when you were not always sure about which of us you were communicating with under the difficult contact conditions of that era, although we were often all of us at hand.  My work as a sentinel went on, since prior to the mid seventies there were many unauthorized appearances of Celestial Beings on this planet we would rather not play host to.  They were those who had not the best of peace and virtuous behavior on their rebellious minds.

“And so, in those times, our sponsoring of more progressive work was next to impossible for our vastly reduced ranks.  We were there to keep the peace at a celestial level.  The time of the Emergency Platoon and its experiences has gone.  The eight years during which you and I documented these experiences with our Celestial Artisan friends, it, too, has gone.

“Right at this time, we (his group of eleven) are almost fully employed in the Middle East, with the Iraqi crisis, and with ongoing difficulties in Afghanistan.  Yet, as always, we stay in touch with the many mortal students our original group embraced, but even more so do we stay in touch with the great numbers our progress group welcomed in our long-lived pasts that have moved beyond the veil of your earthly existence, and into the realms of the Mansion Worlds.

“Indeed, when that time arrives when you will translate to a new world, a new experience, we will continue to be in touch, and, surprisingly you will find, on a level where communications back and forth will be much enhanced, for in your new physiology you will be very much more like us, and with mind endowments that will closely match ours.

Once there, in your new embodiment, those whose overall tasks you shared in some way will greet you.  Be prepared to meet up with many, only a few of which you will know from history, and many of which will relate to you their tales of cooperation with us – carried out knowingly or unknowingly with their ‘Midwayer conspirators’ over the millennia of time we have been in association.”

George: “Might you perhaps give me the date of my arrival there?”

Bzutu: “Are you kidding?”

George (laughing): “I guess so.”

Bzutu: “For now, my brother, I want you to be aware of the fact that nothing major, or even minor can occur in your daily lives that is not communicated to us all, even though we generally remain far removed – a great distance from your new home, as we ceaselessly go about our planetary tasks.  For now, be aware that millions of eyes in the celestial realm are on you and yours, and the duties you all perform.

“It is my recommendation that you take some time out for yourselves.  Rest up, for the year 2003 by your calendar will become an action-packed period.  Take some R&R you all, and re-energize.  This is your comrade of old.  This is ABC-22 with my group’s greetings and well wishes for you in this festive season – my greetings, well wishes and undying love for you all.

“Over and out.”

George: “Love you, Bro.  Au revoir.”

Notes: This planet was long (and remains) a draw card for countless visitors and students from other inhabited planets.  Prior to the mid-seventies, there was ‘quicksand’ in the Midway Realm, and chiefs such as ABC-22 were armed.  They also ‘disarmed’ the occasional meteor.  No longer are they armed, it appears, but I don’t actually know.

My decision in 1972 to work with the 1,111 was an impulsive one, and Midwayers are opportunistic by nature.  They were given only seconds to make ready and appear visually, or miss the chance since at that time, I had no idea about wherefrom the 11:11 time prompts originated.

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