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Illawarra District, Australia, January 10, 2003

Teacher Samuel

Received by George Barnard

Samuel: “This is your Teacher Samuel, with our love and greetings to you both.  This communication has long been deferred because of circumstances of rushed and unpredictable human living, and now it’s good to be back, to have the microphone in hand, and countless ears and eyes wide open here.

George: “Greetings all.  I trust you are all paying attention?”

Samuel: “They do, and smilingly so.  Truly, when one considers the questions that you ask!  It often leaves me wondering about mindsets, diverse interests, and the unusual paths of choice you walk here, and up to the summit of your misty (spiritual) mountains.  Nevertheless, together with that portion of a long-delayed ‘preaching’ about evolution in general, I can inform you of how it was in my people’s particular case.  It was not altogether ‘the unusual’.

“On our origin world -- which had become rather densely populated, although it was a very advanced civilization -- our long-lived people wanted more than just a single child or two per family, and so it became overcrowded.  At least, so the story goes as we were once told.  The Guardian Angels and Cherubim were all requested to put in a report on their charges when the time came for selection, and from its diverse population, a great group of people was transported to the new world.

“No, the original planet was not a decimal world, and neither was our new planet.  And so the new planet was populated by a species wholly representative of the parent population.  The Melchizedeks, Life Carriers, and many others took charge of the transportation of the near endless shipments of those who had chosen to pioneer, and were deemed to be suitable for transportation to a distant domicile.  It necessitated their leaving behind many connections, goods and memories of their previous existences.

“And these human pairs were transported to a world where food was abundant, but there was initially little else.  In a single generation, the trappings of life could not be immediately re-created, and all that was needed to carry on with this society as it once was, could not be satisfactorily taught to the younger generation so that much of the original civilization was lost.  And so you find that there arrived a period of ‘reversals’, although the genetic/psychological predispositions of all were of a very positive and forward striving nature.

“There was then a lengthy period of return to troublesome land-grabbing, unethical dealings turning into feuds, in some cases and some places resulting in outright barbarism, ensuing battles, and as the population grew, these became fully fledged wars.  And even though there was a relatively rich Adamic inheritance in this population, circumstances prevailing, they slid back to animalistic behavior.  It was a time then for us to return to having better lives, and at that time the memories of previous Adamic legacies had been all but forgotten.

“The promise of the arrival of new blood to improve the population, however, was never forgotten by many, and so once again the population was gradually improved by a new and much loved family and their descendants of many millions over the epochs that followed the arrival of, you might say, our second Adamic pair.  And so you see that although we, too, are evolutionary individuals, there always remains a celestially-sponsored input into the successful societies, which could otherwise rarely amount to becoming a wise and spiritual civilization in the end.

“Today, my people are a strong and proud and worshipful, blended race, but there were different times.  In your own fully evolutionary procedure, too, there was, all along with the development of the animal lines, a co-creative effort as your long-engaged Life-Carrier friends aided in the selection, protection and nurturing of the promising species that were among the number that could have advanced to intelligent human-like status and make that final leap.

“Indeed you are not left to your own devices at any given time.  This is an all-embracing, progressive and loving, nurturing universe, and the cooperation, the teaching, the assistance and the watchcare, though frequently unnoticed, often denied, goes on.  It goes on, ever on, and is extended to all created and evolutionary of His children.

“This is your teacher, Samuel.  We bid you Adieu.”

Notes: It is still not clear if their new world received an original Adamic pair, or straight line descendants from the original world’s Adamic pair.

Teacher Samuel hails from Panoptia.

This was a frequently interrupted transmission and also a rather bad tape.  Hence the delay with transcribing it for the 11:11 lists.

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