About “Mongozulu” and the Falong Gong & The Millennium and the Correcting Time.


Illawarra District, Australia, January 30, 2003

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22)

Received by George Barnard

George: “We’re not as fleet afoot as we used to be.  We’re here now, and we greet you, Brother.”

Bzutu: “Even human biorhythms, high, low, or critical, impinge on receptivity, as do ours to some degree.  I’m still here with you now.  All is well, and I greet you, my brother and sister.  This is Bzutu.

“I’m pleased to report that your dear, and closed-minded friend is still on the planet, lively and doing well for his advanced age, and that he only recently celebrated the return of his ninety-fourth day of birth.  He is still working on the compilation of his autobiography, and at this time he also has no clear idea as to whom it was that carried him out of that smoke-filled caravan.

“Still to this day in the writing, our cousin, MNO-64, goes by the nickname of ‘Mongozulu’ in that writing, although the flow of the professor’s work is now better, I assure you, than was the hotchpotch documentation you viewed at your first meeting the southerner, and details of the rescue by Mongozulu are pretty well on the mark.

“As a wise choice and appropriate assignment for these days, he (Mongozulu) is much at work with the movement of ‘The Falong Gong’, in which we have a great stake regarding our sponsoring of spiritual progress in China and elsewhere in the region – unusual worship perhaps to your mind, but not at all to our minds, or to the Oriental mind, for it will grow strong despite, and because of repression, as such movements generally do.

“Indeed they do, for you all have rather rebellious mindsets of old that we happily take into account and work with.  The one about whom you wrote (Mongozulu) is there, and so are many brothers and sisters – cousins, of course, being more correct.

“On the question of ‘The Millennium’: They are boldly, and approximately viewed as mileposts, certainly, and presently for a ‘Phase of the Correcting Time’ to reach critical mass, one might perhaps allocate fifty years, and that approximate period may well become centered on the turn of one millennium to another and ‘straddle’ both these centuries of the nineteen hundreds and two thousands.

“We are of a decimal planet, and yet we dwell on 606 in this system, as are 596 and 586 and so down.  You would see 600 of the system as a decimal planet, as would become 610 and 620, but the true Rulers of the universes and individual inhabited worlds think and work not in human terms, no, not often.

“It was long ago perceived by mankind on this planet that the ‘millennia turnarounds’ might well be significant, and in a sense they are.  What started in 1976 may well show itself as having attained critical mass in Phase One of the Correcting Time, and for the bulk of the population by 2025, leaving 25 years of this time-span in each -- the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries -- but in the present regressive world climate that is now truly anyone’s guess, and of our greatest concern.

“Some things will come about precisely as planned, and some can come about sooner, but there are myriad circumstances that can alter the ‘design plan’ and create lag, and we’ll be ready for those eventualities as always.  We are solidly, George, solidly into the Correcting Time, as you well know.  Thank you, partners, for your help.

“This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu, letting you know that I and my present collaborators often look back on the projects we completed together.  We send you and your friends our love, and we bid you Adieu.”

George: “Thanks a lot, Chief.”

Notes: The ninety-four-year-old man is a retired, brilliantly minded university professor, astrologer, and deep thinker.  He assisted and inspired many of his students in their quest for a more spiritual life, and unbeknown to this lecturer, he worked extensively, almost entirely subliminally with Midwayers since about 1930 or before, first in the UK, and later in Australia.  He was physically carried from a burning building by Mongozulu in his pre-teen years when paralyzed with poliomyelitis.

The ‘MNO’ part of the code is definitely correct for ‘Mongozulu’, but I’m not sure of the ‘64’ coming through clearly enough, and I may perhaps hear it again.  Mongozulu is a very deeply tanned, Yellow Midwayer, and it was logical for the professor (then only a young boy) to see the dark, slant eyed Midwayer as part Chinese, and part Negro.  The old man would never accept my knowing these “Spirit Guardians”, although we were truly guided to meet up in 1991.

The questions dealt with; variation in receptivity re biorhythm; the professor; ‘Mongozulu’; the significance of a new millennia; Midwayers being allowed to leave the planet; talking to recently departed humans.

There were no answers to the last two questions.

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