Living In The Past And Fear.


Illawarra District, Australia, February 3, 2003

Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22)

Received by George Barnard

Bzutu: “We have a connection.”

George: “You’re sounding loud and clear, Brother.  Our greetings.”

Bzutu: “It is I, your ‘conspirator’ of many seasons, and of lectures on many a subject, and we carry on by your invitation, and with the subject of ‘Fear’.

“Countless are the lessons you were taught over those years, and in the time we got to know you so well, and you got to know us so well, the subliminal way was more often employed than was open contact.  Surprised?  It was intense, but you were ‘a receptive market for our subconsciously downloaded product’.

“In the instance of overcoming fear, we managed to strike a worthwhile balance between outright fatalism and the ultra-cautious.  Still you question why fear must continue to haunt the human races.  Why, indeed, does it apply even to us midway creatures in some instances?  Undeniably, we borrowed heavily from the human gene pool.

“For you there are many more reasons why.  The shadow of the rebellion still hangs over this world like a stale-odor storm cloud, and they are the Urantia children who know more about fear, torture and war, ‘hell and damnation’ than do most on the evolutionary worlds.

“A ‘generous helping of fear’ is an essential build-in aspect of any evolutionary creature, for without it, there would not exist the necessary caution at appropriate times.  However, your human propensities for living in the past exaggerate your perceived suspicions, at times into a paralyzing stupor, and at more frequent times to such a degree that individuals, families, nay, whole nations will even strike preemptively.

“You have chosen to be silent on the question of this obsessive saber rattling that occupies so many gifted minds in these times, and in radio broadcasts, news articles, and Internet chat rooms.

“We Midwayers need not be ambiguous about the status quo on the planet.  We have our minds made up, and we have every right to be outspoken about this threat in the making.  Enough of war, enough of vengeance, enough of tit-for-tat retaliation in which the task falls to us to clean up and make good the heart-rending traumas you leave us with on the battle fields, in streets and homes.

“We do not want you to live in the past where yesterday’s affront springs back into a new life with every sun-up, for then you ARE living the lives of has-beens, as individuals, as a group, as a country, as a world – treating each other like total strangers when you are, each and all, the closest of kin.

“As you succeed in living in the present for the future, you will become more fearless, and as you become more courageous you will more clearly see your future in the now, and that you must let go of yesterday’s grudges, bitterness, ill will and compulsive need to control.

“In short, you will comprehend ‘Love’, when you learn to say, ‘That was yesterday’.

“This is I, midwayer chief Bzutu, leaving this playschool and returning to kindergarten duties elsewhere.  My love and respect is with you, always.  Carry on.  Adieu.”

George: “Au revoir.”

Notes: Earlier today he made the suggestion that sometime in the future when I reside on a Mansion World, I will choose to study up about things of interest to him, and that we can debate – subjects that are still unavailable to him here.

I’m in no hurry to leave, but already he is picking up on things that are of life-long intrigue to me.  And with this there is an unvoiced suggestion that the ‘link’ with ABC-22 will grow stronger, in fact, that it will never break.

That (unrecorded) earlier message supposes that a Mansion World life will bring us an improved mind-to-mind ability in near-instant communication, similar to what is used by Midwayers, Seraphim, and other Celestials.

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