Clearing The Air – Forgiveness of Self.


Illawarra District, Australia, February 10, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Andrea

Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “This is your ever-loving sibling, Andrea.”

George: “We all love you right back, Andrea.”

Andrea: “I beg you not to ever think there was animosity in my heart.  So well do we know the human races, so long have we dwelled upon this earth, and so much have we learned about forgiveness, that we have come to the conclusion, and rightly so, that there is never a need for forgiveness, but for that flickering instant in time.

“You will find this to be true, and hardly a suppression of the ego, every time when you acquire a full appreciation of every single misunderstanding.  You need but to grasp the mindsets and attitudes, the upbringing, origins and personalities of the parties you are dealing with, to not ever be offended.

“The instance that you were referring to, and the expressions on our faces that you observed, dealt only with your brother (Bzutu), who momentarily communicated with my alert and receiving mind that there and then had developed a potential situation where our budding, open association might come to an abrupt end.

“It was long ago when you watched and heard my response directed at him.  It was I, who without the benefit of the advice of our seraphic associates, decided that this was a mere hiccup in our association, and that the work, long ago commenced, was to carry on.  I do believe we have now put this issue to rest, or that we will do so just as soon as you allow yourself to be forgiven as you forgive others.

“I do believe, also, that you have since acquired a greater appreciation for the explicit function that I have within the group.  And largely through the regular communications, and over these years with you at the receiving end, can I now say that my innate talents in communication have also been greatly enhanced.

“Your dogged persistence, and unrealistic expectations, that I should be involved in all aspects of the group’s work is much the reason for my advancement as a direct contact with you, with many others on this globe, and in many languages.

“Yes, we have a foothold in many corners.  We have our contacts in many societies, and at many levels.  We do our work with many different cultures, and it is much in our private deliberations, outside of the realm of communications with mortals that we are producing the preliminary plans for the amalgamation of vastly diverse human interest groups, and their immensely diverse projects.

“Even to this day, I sense in you that certain amount of reticence before you are ready to exchange information with me, before you are ready to open your mind and let it flow.  But I promise you, my brother, that in time we will be able to speak to each other and compare notes on a daily basis, and even more often than once on each day.

“Whilst much pressure is brought to bear on the Secondary Midwayers in these ‘unrestful’ times, we the (few) Primary Midwayers who have by choice and by talent, by special request and by appointment made it our arena of activities to communicate with you mortals, have all the time we need to be on hand when you call us.

“We are no longer engaged in this period of reconciliation with the ones you call Primary Returnees.  All are now adequately re-instructed, and may I say, gainfully, employed with the enormous numbers of (celestial) students/observers who are touching down on our planet in mighty formations.

“In my instance, however it is an aspect of my personality, a feature of my expertise, and also my very wish to not be involved with our main task, but to find more contacts among my human siblings who long ago stole my heart, as did you.

“This your friend, associate professor/lecturer, and home college tutor.  This is Andrea, and I send my love to all.”

George: “Thank you so much, Andrea.”

Notes: Andrea contends that we are prone to forgive others before we forgive ourselves.  That this idea of blaming self for past mistakes lingers on, impacts greatly on our self acceptance, appreciation of self, or self-love, and that it is also detrimental to our progress and the accuracy of our evaluation of innate talents and intrinsic values.  Unrealized, insidious, it has a varied effect on us all, and she can actually somehow perceive (measure) this effect.

The concept of self-blame is hardly news to a diligent student of human nature.  Andrea sheds further light on its tenacity in ‘hanging around’ for much longer than one would ever expect.  She seemingly also infers that it causes unrealized ‘barriers in communication’ to remain in place – on the “I avoid you, because I owe you” principle.

Without a clear understanding of her role – that of a contact personality between Secondary Midwayers and their Seraphic Superiors – I told Andrea in 1972 that she was not pulling her weight in the group and with the projects we managed.  My mistake.  It troubled me for some years to have been rather rude about telling her to get with it, or not come back.  She claims that to this day, ‘the case has not been closed’, but only from my perspective – an interesting dilemma.

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