Righteous Behavior Toward All.


Georgia, US of A, February 18, 2003

Archangel Raphael. -- Unfinished Transmission

Received by Carolyn Camp

The following is a part transmission only.  It was unavoidably interrupted.  At that point, our Celestial Friend may have decided that enough information had been conveyed.

Raphael: “There have been times throughout the history of your world when all that could be done, to encourage and foster an upward spiritual and evolutionary growth, was being done.  The present is certainly one of those times.

“Even when things look frightening and near hopeless, there has always been a groundswell of positive sentiment in both groups and individuals, that have responded to our constant call to the best in them.

“They have taken it upon themselves to call for righteous behavior toward all.  They have become a voice for those who have no voice.  This constitutes a true understanding of love among the children of God.  Whenever mortals put the welfare of others -- those of this time, and those of future times -- before their own comfort and desires, they have heard our call, and they have listened to the loving voice of their God speaking to them.

“They in turn are sending forth that love.  The force for good grows stronger by the hour.  Its reach is awe inspiring to those of us who are watching this…”

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