Intervention and Predictions.


Illawarra District, Australia, March 6, 2003

Teacher Samuel

Received by George Barnard

George: “Mathew, Samuel, I greet you.  I greet you, brothers.”

Samuel: “This is Samuel bringing to you my love and greetings, my dear brother in Christ and inquisitive student.  I bring to you, as well, the good wishes of all those who are observing this transaction, for there are a number of entities assembled at this station, infusing their appreciative energy into this lone channeler on the job.”

George: “We much value the presence of these intergalactic spies.”

Samuel: “As they do value the absence of ceremony, besides enjoying the presence of humor on these occasions.

“It has taken me more than a few hundred years, to study you as individuals and as groups and races, to study your history, and most importantly from the viewpoint of my field of expertise, your genetic make-up that so influences your development, and your languages in relation to your conceptual capabilities.

“And it is true that from planet to planet the species -- from plant life to animals, to those intelligent and worshipful enough to be hosts to Father Fragments, either permanently or for a time -- belong to a distinctly different genetic group because of environmental requirements or later adaptation.

“Therefore, I have an understanding of the difficulties your races are experiencing in evolving towards a period when one might say that brothers and sisters together can one day create their Paradise on earth.  And, yes, as a species goes, you may consider yourself to be quite backward when compared to those on normally progressing worlds.

“It would take eons of time for you to move to a point where your social behavior were to become such, that greed, fear, and your need to control, jealousy and one-upmanship would largely disappear from your psyche, if you were so oriented.  Yet, there is a great deal of doubt that, left to your own devices; such a time would ever arrive.

“Without constant celestial caregiving, you would quite happily eliminate yourselves by fighting to the last man, and in the sense that your environment would become so significantly inhospitable as to render it entirely unfit for habitation, returning your species to an animalistic state.

“Regarding your specific request; the results of intervention by other than human sources at every level are clearly visible, already, and for every single human voice in protest there are a thousand celestial voices requesting the aggressors not be allowed to burn down their own houses (in an economic sense), together with those of the perceived enemies, in a real sense, and in this exotic scenario.

“And whereas I cannot promise you how this (intervention) will happen, since it will depend on the circumstances at the given time, rest assured that other than the human requests have been heard on this precise matter, as countless of our kind and others are inputting their requests to Michael for early intercessions, and for this potential universal set-back to not occur.

“Your Midwayer Friends are by no means reticent in sharing their opinions, and gearing up for playing an awesome part in intervention.  There are many others, and I assure you that this special world will not be allowed to die.  Nothing like it.  Nothing anyway like it, but in addition, I want to explain to you that at many times in the past you have been given clear and concise information of a future potential happening.

“Yet when you think back to these occasions, they have related to a personal path for you to take, whereas your requests for information now deal with countless human futures.

“You have frequently been advised to either make a turn to the left, or to the right, and there you have been assisted in your ways to appropriately proceed, but I would like you to now look back over those instances and determine the circumstances in which these occurred.  Again and again you will note that the advice that came to you dealt with matters personal – personal circumstances.

“Indeed these kinds of ‘intuitive predictions’ are also available to us, yet when it comes to us receiving advance information dealing with group, community, national or even world interests, such information is generally not available.

“Severe limitations are placed upon us, also, because many aspects of individual human knowledge must remain in the safekeeping of Destiny Guardians and other custodians of the workings of your minds, and for these custodians the passing on of information is not in their charter.  Except in the rare instances of prophecy, the intuitive upwellings that are Thought Adjuster knowledge of future events are almost always distinctly private.

“And so, my dear student, it is on most of these occasions that we are also in the dark, and many times our own Destiny Guardians will not allow for our intuitive perceptions to be broadcast.  Moment by moment, and day after day, we former human beings in ascent therefore do express our faith in eventual, positive universe outworkings.

“I say goodbye for now.  Let us converse regularly with further advice, general lessons, and private discussions.  Have faith.

“This is Samuel.  I send you my love.”

George: “Thank you all.”

Mathew: “Glad to be back.  Goodnight.”

Notes: Samuel was introduced to me in 1992 as my Teacher – a former horticulturalist and agriculturalist, he hails from a planet named Panoptia.

Samuel was in fact a successful biogenetic engineer.  He detests what is called “Terminator Technology” in which seed is rendered sterile and therefore cannot be planted to produce the next crop.

There was only infrequent verbal contact with him until as late as 2002.

My questions directed at him (anyone celestial) included a question about celestial or ET intervention to stop a war.  Samuel seems to count on their being a war, and loss of human life being minimized through celestial intervention.

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