Midwayers At Your Service.


Virginia, US of A, March 7, 2003

Midwayer, Hem

Received by Allene Vick

Hem: “Yes, I am anxious!  I am so happy that you started writing about us in your newsletter.  We so want to have the opportunity to participate with you all.  So few (people) are aware of our existence and yet we do so much to lovingly assist you.  Our numbers have swollen by the voluntary Midwayers that have come to assist this planet.

“Just as you know you can request a Teacher, please keep in mind that, at any time, you can request the assistance of a Midwayer.  Your requests give us direction, and we are very happy to follow in the direction in which you point us.”

Allene: “Did you help me find the mistake on my bank statement?”

Hem: “Yes, I did.”

Notes: Machiventa had begun this meeting by saying he was anxious to get started.

Allene Vick produces a monthly newsletter, The T/R News Network (TNN), which contains messages received by individuals from various orders of Celestials, who are available and anxious to lovingly assist all that are open to receive their messages.

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