Motivation – Prioritization – A Universal Tool.


Illawarra District, Australia, May 7, 2003

Teacher Samuel

Received by George Barnard

Samuel: “The way you wriggle into that rug on this chilly eve reminds me of a broody hen, back from a drink of water, and wiggling back down onto her clutch of eggs.  Take your time, brother, for there is no hurry in eternity, but let us now calm our minds and see what we can satisfactorily hatch out in time.  This is Samuel, and I’ve been tuned in for the last twenty minutes or so.

“We (recognizing the presence of the Midwayer/facilitator) want to talk with you about the complexities of life, and in particular about the inborn personality-associated bequest of motivation to live that life, to organize, prioritize, and to ‘live it right’.

“Motivation – or as I favor to refer to it, ‘motive-action’ – your goal-oriented drive — is a gift from the Eternal Father, much enhanced by the deep-mind prompts of your Destiny Guardians, and of your Spirit Self.

“A propos, this is a personal lesson, but ‘these seeds will hardly fall on rocky ground if broadcast to pastures far and wide, to sprout leaves, and to bear their copious fruits’.

“The ‘involvedness’ of human life, as is the case on all planets, is such that the conscientious individuals are often left with the feeling that they were unprepared for their having been ‘thrown off the deep evolutionary end’.  Your human foibles, frailties and occasional lack of ‘get up and go’ may not nearly manage to do justice to your extensive spiritual aims.

“Sincerity about reaching a deliberate goal in life is the Urgrund for the powerful motivation that drives us on with a clear mind about the end goal we sight.  Indeed, in focusing on a project, and relatively casually ‘losing track’ of the many other diverse duties that also present themselves on a daily basis, we enhance our chances of success.  We prioritize in our minds.

“For the wife and mother who spends her time rocking her baby to sleep, that is the priority – at that time – and the dishes can wait, the laundry can wait, her cooking and dusting and herb garden can wait, until the baby sleeps, for she cannot do all these things at once, but just one thing at the time, prioritizing that motivation to achieve, and therewith accepting the joy of being alive, and producing a life of joy in that moment, as is the Eternal Father’s wish for her.

“For the husband and father engaged in the lengthy hours of work at his chosen task to provide for his family’s welfare and education – at that time – his mind must remain unclouded from the thoughts of his vehicle being in need of service, the lawn to be mowed, their house to be painted, or their children to be bathed, and in focusing on the assignment at hand he will reap the fruits of greater achievement and remunerate himself with being involved in the all-important task of co-creating with his Eternal Source a physical, emotional and spiritual life of equilibrium.

“The human tasks are seemingly complex, yet surprisingly simple when we consider our motivation as an all-purpose tool, a universal tool, its edges to remain sharp for each separate use in turn, its surfaces clean of the rust, grease and grime of confusion.

“Again, as you might see it, we must recognize our motivation for the many-sided gem it is, of goal seeking and prioritizing, of focus, organization and endurance.  Its value-increasing facets can only be tediously ground and polished, even sharply viewed – just one facet at the time.  Yet it remains a single gem of soul growth potential.

“This is your teacher, Samuel, delighted to have been awarded a position of teacher on our Master’s own world, yet frequently looking back with some feelings of nostalgia at my busy mortal life, still treasuring immensely my motivation and organization of that distant time, and the now ongoing rewards of service in the ‘right here’, and the ‘right now’, that ensued from living that life.

“Your greetings to your friend (a Morontia Companion) are passed on and herewith returned.  Stay warm now!  We send you our love.”

Notes: ‘Spirit Self’, ‘Pilot Light’, ‘Thought Adjuster’, and ‘Father Fragment’ all have the same meaning.

Samuel is George’s personal Teacher, a one-time genetic engineer, and a ‘Panoptian’.  A little more about his (human) life, kin, teachings, and planet of origin is found on: Our Midwayer and other Friends and on The Urantia Book   <<P607:1, 53:7.1>>


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