Serenity (Universe Pattern).


Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 24, 2003

Cherubim “What About Bob”

Received by Gerdean Bowen

BOB: “What About Bob?  Good evening, my friends.  A marvelous day in your environs.  Post Easter atmosphere of Springtime, and a New Beginning.

“We’ll pick up and take up where you left off, with the discussion about having been escorted by the midwayers on your sojourn today, and into the realm to do your “maintenance chores”.

“The receiver is now “observing” how dreary my phrase is, “Maintenance Chores”, when you delight to call it “Shopping”.  How interesting that you have glamorized even your maintenance.  And yet, in the simple maintenance of your life-style, it would seem, you are encountering elements of Serenity, which will lead you into an attitude of allowing the Universe to reveal itself to you.

“If you don’t have to attack your environment, or “make” your way, you can be upheld and reinforced by the understanding of how you are assisted by Divine Pattern.  However, I would not want to limit it to a mere academic designation of “Pattern” because it is Personal, as God is Personal, and so your experiences were counted among those which are “God-led”.

“Serenity is a rare quality on this planet.  Fear is so strong, and hyper-vigilance is so necessary in the pattern that develops surrounding fear.  One feeds the other, and so there is no rest.  But those of you who are coming to trust, who have accepted your place in the Universe, are getting to be at peace with yourself and with your world, and thus, you are able to realize — even live within — a range of order and kindness toward yourself and your world, such that you can actually experience extended Serenity.

“Serenity is similar to Grace, but you tend to think of Grace as being somewhat sanctimonious, whereas Serenity agrees that you are quite mortal, and accepts that as the mode-o-day.  In this day-and-age, so fraught with anxiety — about the war, about deadly diseases and viruses, about the unpredictability of humankind, and the ‘unsurety’ of the future for your world — it is a refreshing sight to see this Serenity, for the Stillness it offers the environment.  Like a spiritual fragrance your Serene presence wafts through the atmosphere and causes everyone to pause, if only for that one moment.

“But that One Moment impresses the Mortal in such a way that the chaos of regular living is now recognizable as having chaos.

“Serenity is good for your health.  It lessens the possibility of heart attack and strokes, or high blood pressure.  Much like smiles are said to use less muscle than frowns, serenity increases longevity and gives rise to persistent good health.  It is good to see you smiling, and enjoying each other, as well as enjoying yourselves.

“But you are just beginning to believe in yourselves, in the paradigm of your association.  You are beginning to Trust your choices, your partner, your decisions, your self.  And living in this state of mind lends itself well to continued and sustained Serenity, for the actions glide.  Rather than moving around like Bumper Cars reacting to life, it is now, rather, “a part of” life — a part of the Divine Life that is.

“The Master said, “the Kingdom is not of this world”, and yet, look how it is that you can move through this world with grace, with Serenity, with confidence, in your own faith, in the Kingdom as you know it, and still be aware of the world and all that’s in it.  Serenity is a part of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

“It’s okay to be Serene.  Serene is not the same as complacent.  Nor is it contentment.  But it is a distinct absence of anxiety.”

Notes: “What About Bob” and “Lady” are of the same angelic order as are “I’ll be Frank” and Alice”.  They are Morontia Cherubim.

For their being of the lowest of the angelic orders — each a Cherub and Sanobim pair, or complementary aspects of each other — they are still greatly learned in the fields of human physiology, psychology and psychopharmacology.

They often provide analyses and diagnoses for the midwayers/healers.

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