Transmitting Receiving – Part Two.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 19, 2003

Midwayer Chief, Gorman

Received by Gerdean Bowen

Gorman: Anything else there?

Participant: “Yes, sir.  It says, ‘Might a more experienced receiver even try to ‘drum up’ the midwayer involved in that early, halting effort and re-channel this message?’

Gorman: “Oh, of course!  Certainly!  By all means.  It is possible for an experienced receiver to do all manner of creative things, but whether they are called for or not is another matter.  I suspect a good percentage of receiving is provoked by a fledgling receiver, hell bent on participating in the process.  And there is really nothing wrong with that because, you know, when you pray you don’t just start praying.  You have been practicing how to pray all along!  You practiced thousands of years ago before you had any real spirit concept, by babbling out loud and listening to yourself think.  This was the beginning of prayer.

“Now you babble out loud and listen to yourself think and if you are lucky, if you are smart, if you are tuned in, you will tune in to that voice – that still, quiet voice within your soul, not the one between your ears – and hear what the message is, and convey that message if it is appropriate.

“And for heaven’s sake, conveying that message from within is appropriate in far more ways than this simple and often stilted technique of transmitting/receiving, which, God knows, is only enjoyed by a small focal group of people here.  Many fields are much more acceptable, and as legitimate as any in turning people onto their mind’s eye.

“But the truly advanced, the “gurus” shall we say (and don’t let that term catch on), are co-creators and they understand that it is a waltz, a pas de deux, a dance for two, and one is doing the leading and one is doing the following, and when God is doing the leading, or your Higher Power, or a Celestial Artisan, or a Perfected Ministering Spirit, and you the mortal are following its lead, then you can offer it everything you have to work with.

“Open yourself wide!  Give them every file in your filing cabinet.  If they don’t want to use it, that’s fine.  They have the Akashic records, for heaven’s sake, to draw upon.  It isn’t limited to the human experience, but the human experience can’t be beat, for teaching. And some lessons can’t be taught yet because the student isn’t ready.

“You, the receivers are in no position to make that determination.  This is where some receivers run into trouble; they try to edit what the teacher wants to say, they try to get the teacher to say what they think and what they feel.  And this happens!  But it doesn’t happen often enough to worry about, and if it is happening in someone all the time, if that is just the way they are, then you will know that pretty soon, and you won’t be interested in what they are espousing, because it isn’t speaking to you.  You know what you want to hear, if you’re listening for Spirit.

“It’s rather like going to the Orient and hearing the Japanese women sing a song.  To the westerner’s ear, it’s a horrible howling sound, worse than cats!  There are some tribes that have such guttural music, such a sensual beat… well, when “The Rites of Spring” was played for the first time, the ladies were fainting in the aisles from the primitive, sexual beat that enveloped the entire theater!  But today “The Rites of Spring” is a passable afternoon’s delight.  So some of this is just what you are accustomed to, what you will listen to.

“Nobody is going to force anyone to listen to something that doesn’t make sense to them.  We want you to make sense of it in such a way that you feel at home in it, that you can grasp it, embrace it, be taught by it, be led by it, be shown, something that addresses your soul needs and makes you sublimely happy.  Heaven knows we are not a satanic cult.  We haven’t got time for that rot.  We are busy helping people, loving people, learning more about each other and about God, for heaven sake.  We haven’t time to sit around “faking” transmissions.

Have you got another question there?

Gerdean Bowen is the author of “The Zooid Mission.”  Details of her inspired writings can be found on her web site

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