Trust and Perseverance.


Illawarra District, Australia, June 2, 2003

Primary Midwayer, Andrea

Received by George Barnard

George (taking a long time to get settled): “I truly admire you for your endless patience, Andrea.”

Andrea: “I heard you speak the very same words on the day you and I first met face to face. It is a long time since, by your reckoning, at least, and with much water flowing under ‘that bridge of human terminology’, but for me it was just yesterday in another experience among countless millions upon millions.

“It’s a rocky time for all the group, and it’s a rocky time for this planet. And we would so much wish for the disturbances of this most political time to be resolved, and for us to settle down in a more peaceful world, to teach our mortal cousins some interesting lessons. So I advise you to hold onto what is beginning to work so well for us – the job of teaching about the Father’s love, that we have undertaken as a human-celestial team.

[A break – a distraction.]

“Okay. We pick up the thread again. Some unexpected happenings can at any time interrupt your end of the line of communications, but not to mind. Even noisy parrots have the right to express their opinions in their day-to-day lives on Michael’s evolutionary worlds, although they might not add greatly to our deliberations on this day.

“We are on a different subject to that of the avian kind, and today we will deal with Perseverance. Those who make up the spiritual populace of the planet are inclined to notice a regular flow of events, which makes great sense in retrospect, appears to be proceeding in an orderly way, and can even be projected to ‘pop up’ and become a reality, just as and when many of us already expected it to come about.

“From your rather dusky vantage point, the many things we take for granted do not look like eventual certainties to you. You may face your day, and, like Alice in Wonderland you may be quite surprised about what appears around the next corner. For you it is much more difficult to know what will happen next in any chain of events, and so you need to ‘call on’ both, Trust and Perseverance, in going about any task.

“You need to summon the trust that it will succeed, as it usually does, but at least trust that it will allow you to progress even if your projects were to fail, for in this you are showing your faith in the Father’s desire for you to take on what he has placed before each of you, and you are following the lead of your “Spirit Lights”.

“And last of all, in your short human lives, do expect the implements and resources to carry on with what HE has in mind for you to be there, and for these it is most important in the midst of all uncertainty that you retain within yourselves the strength and perseverance to keep hammering away at, and to put the last touches on, the projects He gave you to complete.

“Our many years of citizenship on this, our home planet, has taught us to often envisage what will happen next, or what will next be brought about, and we so often cherish the realization that many of the expected events will turn out precisely as we foresaw them. You humans do not have too many of these advantages, and that fact, above all, makes you Faith Children.

“Have Faith, and Persevere.

“This is your friend, Andrea, and I send my love to you all.”

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