Look At Me & Plans for Iran & Grow A Thicker Hide, Brother.


Illawarra District, Australia, June 18, 2003

Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon (MNO-6)

Received by George Barnard

Sharmon: “There, that’s so much better! I at last have you back in my clutches, and you are finally prepared to talk to me again. Look at me. This is Sharmon, and you’re allowed to tell the people what lovely smiling face I have, and how iridology would determine that I am in excellent health. But we have watched you ‘slide’ ever since the skirmish in the Iraqi lands began.

“Should you have become a fighter pilot you would be concerning yourself with the accuracy of your missiles’ trajectories, and thinking only of the targets in your sights. Should you have become an engineer, you would be concerning yourself with the rebuilding of what has been crushed, and without much thought of those who died under the devastation.

“Since, as a therapist, humanity is your prime consideration of involvement and has been for so long, your thoughts are with the people that are the victims of the pilots missiles and whose corpses must come to light as the engineers clear the rubble. You have ‘taken that war upon yourself’, and your combat fatigue has kept us at a distance. It’s good to be back with you, George.

“It’s good to be close, and for us to celebrate the love we have for each other. There have been times of distance, and there will be times again, but a family is what we are and remain, and with you we embrace the many who study, simply read, or gloss over our reports. We have kept calling on you, regularly, as you well know, but we have been incredibly busy as well.

“Several plans are being considered for the ‘ransacking’ of Iran, and perhaps a move through Syria to end up at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The timing has not yet been determined, but the individual plans are well advanced. And this is taking up much of our time, although in many instances we simply become the reporters to (for) those higher up in the chain of our command.

“Regrettably, at times, there is little we can do but pick up the pieces when, as you say, ‘all hell breaks loose’. Count on it, this time, that there will be more than simply objections from the European block, and as Andrea long ago indicated, a major world war may well have begun at the time of the bombing in Afghanistan, and only in retrospect will you see the connection as other-than-individual events.

“As you view the present, and from day to day, they seem like isolated major skirmishes, but this is not so.

“I come to you this morning to express the love I have for all the team, but to also sound a loud warning right into your ear; you must grow a thicker hide, brother, to overcome your feelings of at-oneness with the victims of these battles that will forever change our world. We count on you to continue to broadcast and publish our dispatches and your writings.

“And it is important that you will not let the stress of circumstances interfere with our task.

“There, we once again satisfactorily broke through the time barrier, to reach out and touch each other in this way, and with the love that has grown between us over the years. I thank you for hearing me out. This is Sharmon, who loves you.”

George: “I hope I got all that right?”

Sharmon: “You did. You did, indeed.”

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