Move Into the Inner Circle.


US of A;  August 15, 2003

Christ Michael

Contributing Receiver

Michael: "Yes, move in and learn more from Me.  Move into the Inner Circle, for this is reserved for those who would wholly sacrifice their time to doing the will of God.  This is the Inner Circle, and it is much richer than all of your imaginings can picture.

"Do not look with envy at others who may seem closer to the Father's Will. Remember well, there are no degrees, and none is greater or lesser - no miracle grander than any other.  You must leave the idea of degrees behind you.  If you desire all that you can receive in this earthly experience, simply desire all of the Fathers' Will, because then you will have truly chosen a path of great wisdom.

"This path of "inner kingdom dwelling" will bring you the greatest satisfaction known to mankind.  What could be more satisfying than to daily know you do all that is humanly possible to learn His Will, and follow wholeheartedly in His Ways for Kingdom living?  When you direct all your will to His Ways, you will experience fully a peace that exceeds comprehension.

"Enjoy the gift of this day with all your heart.  You have come far, My brothers and sisters, and yet there is, indeed, still far to go.  Rest assured that the Path will become ever more delightful, as you walk in His Perfect Will.  No turning back.  The Kingdom belongs to the stout of heart, who will follow Him wholeheartedly.  Onward, ever, to bless others, and receive great blessings."

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