Walk With Me in Pride.


Idaho US of A; August 21, 2003

Christ Michael

Received by Sandy Montee

Michael: "Hello to you all, my dear children.

"I greet you today with pride in my heart about the wonders you have created here on Urantia amid sometimes difficult times.  As you have done your utmost to honor Our Father, He gifts you His love and care.

"At this time of my birthday, I wish you to know how fulfilling my life is as your Brother and Savior, for I have been privileged to help you co-create with our Father.

"As He looks down from the Heavens and resides in your hearts, He thinks of the glory by which you have honored and worshiped Him.  No Father could love His children more, as you stand up for love in His name.

"I am the Son of God just as you are the sons and daughters of our Creator Father.  He asks little of any of us in return for His great love, for we His children.  Sing in happiness and dance to the music of the harps of the angels, as we all celebrate life in the expanse of all the Universes.

"We have just begun marching to the tune of time everlasting, and it only improves as we climb further in our ascension careers.

Walk with me in pride of your many accomplishments.  Share with the Teachers, and the many Celestials surrounding us, the excellent grades you have earned by believing and living the many lessons that have openly come your way in this, the beginning of the Correcting Time.

"Life is a series of lessons that enhance your souls and strengthen your characters.  Mostly, life is about learning to love.  Thank you for giving me that special place in your heart.

"All my love to you.

"Christ Michael."

Note:  To the many who are new to the 11:11 lists.  The true date of birth of Jesus the Christ was on August 21, 7 BC.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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