Dealing with criticism.


Toormina, Australia, August 23, 2001.

Midwayer Mathew

Mathew Speaks Up:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Mathew: “Hello Sandy and George. This is Mathew.”

George: “Greetings, Brother Mathew.”

Mathew: “I enjoy being with you two, and watching your willingness to serve the Master. I am also very favored to have been given this assignment. The first matter I would like to talk about with you is that I will not push you, or prod you, or expect anything from you.

“In fact, one of the reasons why I am here is because both of you are no longer youngsters, yet it is time for you both to shed the old skin, and slip into a new world, into a new, rewarding life. Are those the right words?

George: “We get what you mean.”

Mathew: “It must be very hard for both of you, I gather, to spend a lifetime doing things quite independently, and now that you have reached that point of time in your life of your meeting up, both of you must make changes.

“In fact, it will always be difficult to ‘become as one’, yet respect the personality of the other. You may think that you will manage just fine without me. But I have come to you full of energy, peace, and ideas, and…”

Sandy: “I’m suddenly drawing a blank here.”

George: “We are very interested in your ideas, Mathew, your comments and proposals, especially when it comes to Outreach. There was a rather unfortunate situation where we were contacted out of the blue. I passed on plentiful information, and completely lost that individual. We cannot really afford to lose a single one of Michael’s children ever… (Inaudible) …do better with cases like hers in the future.”

Mathew: “Yes, George, she will not believe in the way you do, and you cannot now believe in the way she does. She will not believe in the Teaching Mission, as far as anyone having the ability to talk with Teachers, or ask for guidance. She will reach the mountaintop in her own time, and in her own way, so do not be discouraged about losing her.

“As far as Outreach is concerned, it takes on such greatness, yet in small ways as well. Plant the seeds of love with all those around you. Outreach is still in the planning stages. The details of upcoming projects are not yet fully documented. You are pioneers in Outreach, but we already have many Celestials and Midwayers working on it, and the people ‘drawn in’ will actually -- so to speak -- bump into you. Even in the little town you are going to, Outreach is happening.”

Sandy: “I’m getting my own thoughts in here.”

George: “Outreach, as far as I can see, Mathew, must constantly take into consideration that there are so many people at many varied levels of spiritual advancement -- all of them are making their own progress path. We can’t push, only lure, and gently so. Is that correct?”

Mathew: “Yes, George, that is right on. And that is one reason why I am here with you, because you have the experience to rise above all doubts, and all those doubts will definitely be communicated to you from all manner of people. You ‘dare’ to reach out to Michael, to Machiventa, and your life and progress can only continue to unfold in this ‘certain’ way.

“But it will be their (the seekers’) undoing to be swamped by so much detailed information. We have to be careful, also, not to look down on people who have less specific knowledge. That is the only way Outreach will work. You will probably work on that project for the next five years, and you have already set up the requisite facilities to do the very things we could have asked you to do.

“There are some character-building steps to take within that certain period. Stop at your task now and then, and for long enough to see that you all have some character flaws. We will be working with Machiventa and Michael, and we need you to go by their instructions instead of going by your own understanding of right or wrong -- faith and of non-faith.

“This is the first time Sandy has TRed to let me speak, and I am not yet coming through just right. However, I will help you, George, when you are sorting through all this lengthy text, private and general, about what will stay there and what is scrapped as incidental.

“I think the one character flaw you both have, and one that needs immediate attention, is the inability to accept criticism. Of course, this is such a deep-seated problem on this planet.

“This is our being very intolerant of criticism of any kind, and I ask you to consider that foremost in your mind, and take an honest look at how you mortals all respond to the slightest criticism. I will stand back now.”

George: “Thank you, Mathew, we will bear in mind what you just said and do something about it.”

Mathew: “Goodbye.”

George: “Au revoir, Brother.”

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